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We're searching for any information regarding Michael Mogan, b. 2 September 1832, a blacksmith by profession, and his wife, Catherine (Kate) Mogan b. about 1833.  They married and emigrated to the United States, arriving 20 October 1851 in New York City.  Michael Mogan's birth is listed in the Clonfert>Killimore and Tiranascragh section of the Catholic Parish Registers (1655-1915) at the National Library of Ireland in Dublin.

Michael Mogan and Catherine Mogan are the Great-Great-Great Grandparents of Nicole Krause (nee Purkerson) of Lynnwood, Washington USA.  Our family will be visiting Tiernascragh and Killimor on 25 June 2017.

Any assistance to discover where Michael and Catherine were baptised, lived, worked, attended church, etc. would be greatly appreciated.  We hope to discover more of Nicole's ancestral homeland.  Thank you.  Go raibh maith agaibh.


Monday 17th April 2017, 01:29AM

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  • Hi there,

    I am a Ireland XO volunteer for Tiernascragh. The Mogan name does not ring any bells for me locally - although I will see if two other local volunteers in both Tiernascragh know more than I.  Will ping them separately.  Mogan is not a local name to these parts. It is more a North and West Galway name. You will find no Mogan name in these areas for the Griffiths Valuation or the 1901 / 1911 census  - just double checked online.  A blacksmith of course was a migratory profession.  I am aware of a blacksmith family who came to Tiernascragh around these times - maybe there was a vacancy caused by a departure. Have you found the naturalisation records of Michael or Catherine Mogan or death cert/Obituary - they are usually good sources of local origin in Ireland.  If you find other people descendant, you can sometimes come across handed down written letters.  Was there any reference that led you to Galway bar the Church Records?

    I'll drop a note to Pat Madden (Tiernascragh) and Ioma Whelan (Killiomor) to see if they can help.

    Best Wishes,


    Mike Feerick

    Monday 17th April 2017, 09:01AM
  • Hello Mike,

    Thank you for your speedy reply and willingness to assist us in this search.  I have attached a document which we sourced through indicating Michael Mogan was baptized 2 September 1832 in the Clonfert Diocese.  Parents: James Mogan & Mary Fallon.

    Thank you again,



    Monday 17th April 2017, 03:49PM

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  • Here is a copy of the Baptismal Register from 2 Dep1832. Michael's Parents are James Mogan and Mary Fallon. It is conceivable that Mary Fallon is a local girl and you can start your search with her family.unfortunately there are no marriage records prior to Nov 1831 this church did not exist before then. So it will be unlikely to find James and Mary's marriage registration. 

    In order to research Michaels Wife it is imperative that we know her maiden name and place of birth. The next question is if they were married in Ireland or in New York. From what is in the Krause family tree it appears that the marriage took place in the US 

    Fron the Krasue family tree  Michael Mogan, is living in Fond du Lac Wisconsin USA  in 1880 and he is a black smith by trade. They have three children John, James and Annie all born in Wisconsin

    Based on the ships manifest for Oct 1851 Michael appears to have been single when he arrives in NYC no Catherine on the manifest

    Michael was Natualized in 1856 see below

    Title:  Mogan - Naturalizations - Declaration  

    Case Type: Naturalizations - Declaration 

    Court: Circuit Court 

    Year:  11/3/1856  

    County: Fond du Lac 


    Container: Volume 

    Container Number: 5 

    Container Subset: No. 2454/Page 581 

    Call Number: Fond du Lac Series 36 




    Michael Mogan  Immigrant 


    Monday 17th April 2017, 04:15PM

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  • PS I help out on occassion when I see something I can add to assist finding ancestors I am based in the US and usually can find additional resources to add but Pre - Famine Irish is difficult. If you look at the baptism record for Michael there are two sponsors listed that might help in your research a John and a Winney Mogan have to be local so there is another avenue you might check for his brother in the tithe applotments of 1833 or Griffth's Valuation

    There is a John Mogan in the 1825 Tithe Applotment in the Townland of Cloonaglasha    Kilconla    Galway    1825

     Here is a sight that might help you for births marriages and deaths after 1864 for Roman Catholic's


    Monday 17th April 2017, 04:35PM
  • As we continue researching my wife's Irish heritage, we're not convinced that the Michael Mogan and Cath. Mogan who arrived in New York City 10 October 1851 on the "Wm. H. Harbeck" are her ancestors.  The Michael and Cath. Mogan on the Harbeck are listed as 5 years older than what is later reported for her known relatives on 1870 and 1880 United States census rolls.  Is it possible they lied about their ages on the Harbeck ship manifest during the immigration process?

    Another possibility:  There is a Michael Mogan who fits the correct age profile on a passenger list for the "Lydia" arriving in New York City 21 April 1851.  The name listed just before Michael Mogan's is Catherine Hayes, who would have been the correct age as my wife's 3rd Great Grandmother.  She apparently travelled with a James Hayes.  At this point, it's merely speculation that this is the correct Michael and Catherine.

    We haven't been able to find a marriage record for my wife's Great-Great-Great Grandparents - either in Ireland or in the U.S.  Frustrating, but we continure to search.

    One thing we're certain of is the baptism record for Michael Mogan on 2 September 1832 in the Clonfert Diocese.  What church building or buildings would have existed at that time?

    Our continued thanks for any and all assistance. 



    Saturday 22nd April 2017, 05:12AM

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  • Yes - I had spotted that other Mogan record and thought you might check it out.  Fallon is not a local name but Hayes is.  There lands are beside an old forge inTiernascragh - but that is a tenuous link!   It is so important to do this type of research as early as possible.  There are a few people who could have commented on your query who have just passed on.

    Mike Feerick

    Saturday 22nd April 2017, 09:29AM
  • Mike,

    One thing you have to remember about the Irish that came to America. Dates were not important so a five year difference in age may not be the truth. I have a grand uncle who has a different date of birth on almost every document that I found on him. As example in his Naturalization Declaration of Intent he lists his birth year as 1883 but his baptismal Record shows 1879. So I would look at any dates you might find to reflect a margin of error of at least 5 years. Do you have any idea where Michael Mogan was from 1851 until 1870 when he shows up in the US Census. I checked to see if he was in the military in the Civil war but that proved fruitless. I did see a record of a Michael Mogan is Sheboygan Wisconsin in 1860 but it is an index record.

    You might want to look at the Wisconsin birth Records for the Children with Wiscondin Vital Records and work backwards

    I did find this record on the and it does match your family Tree and it looks like Kate's maiden name is Harmon



    Anna C. Mogan

    mentioned in the record of Samuel H. Langdon and Anna C. Mogan

    NameSamuel H. LangdonEvent TypeMarriageEvent Date09 Oct 1889Event Place, Fond Du Lac, Wisconsin, United StatesGenderMaleRaceWhiteBirthplaceDe PereFather's NameJohn LangdonMother's NameMary HarrisonSpouse's NameAnna C. MoganSpouse's GenderFemaleSpouse's RaceWhiteSpouse's BirthplaceFond du LacSpouse's Father's NameMichael MoganSpouse's Mother's NameCatherine Harmon

    Saturday 22nd April 2017, 02:53PM
  • The discovery that Catherine's maiden name was Harmon is most helpful.  Thank you!  Regarding Samuel H. Langdon and Anna C. Mogan, most references list the last name as Longdin.  That may have been one of the issues in trying to trace the family back further.


    Sunday 23rd April 2017, 03:15PM
  • Michael Mogan was baptized 2 September 1832 in the Clonfert Diocese.  Does anyone know if church buildings (or a church building) in the area of that time still exist(s)?  If not, are there ruins somewhere?

    Also, does anyone on this thread live in the Tiranascragh or Killimor area?

    As indicated in my inaugural post, our family will be visiting the area from the USA on 25 June, 2017.  Nicole, 3rd Great-Grand-Daughter of Michael Mogan, would like to walk in his footsteps.

    As always, we thank you kindly for any information, tips, and so forth.

    Tom & Nicole Krause and Family


    Wednesday 26th April 2017, 02:10AM
  • Hi Tom & Nicole,

    Just noticed that you have not put a similar message on the Killimor Ireland XO message board - I suggest you do.  Although the parishes are adjacent, people/volunteers often do not know each other. Post your last message there also.

    At the last census, I think there were 163 people living in Tiernascragh - that includes everyone - so you have a small number of people to remember back.  Also, a lot of the land was striped in Tiernascragh - with the people taken off the land so cattle could graze.  In the early 1900's, next families from distant parishes were introduced there.  

    Best WIshes,


    Mike Feerick

    Wednesday 26th April 2017, 05:36PM
  • Thank you for the information and tip about the Killimor board, Mike!


    Thursday 27th April 2017, 04:00PM