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Hallo, I am Lucinda Cook, and looking for cousins who have ancestors in (Boultine) Keel, Co Kerry. 

My 4x great grandparents were Michaelis Hogan ?1796-1876( Horgan/ Hagan/ Hargan/) and Joanna Fitzgerald, 1806?married 1826 on The Dingle Peninsula/ Corca Dhuibne in Keel, Cnucaneachultine, Graun, Co. Kerry, Ireland.  I have their marriage and 9 children records, including my 3xgreat grandfather Andrew Hogan 1829-1908. (Died Adelaide, South Australia, married a Clare woman, Hannah Ellen Collins b.1834, Craigleah, Ennis where my 2xgreat grandmother Mary Hogan was born 1857, and emigrated to Adelaide, South Australia.) The records are 1796 through 1862, mostly all from Keel, Graine/Graun/Grawn/ Gurrane , Co Kerry and a list of my records follows in a bit. 

Firstly though, I'd like to point out there are (at least) three Joanna /Johanna Fitzgeralds, all born on Dingle peninsula early 1800's, and one married with dispensation a Michael Walsh in Kilmelkidar Parish; One married a Thomas Horgan, in Keel, Or Castlemaine and lived Ballymacdonnell/Firies not really on the Dingle peninsula proper and also emigrated to South Australia and Kapunda; one married Mechaslis (Michaelis) Horgan or Hogan in Cnucaneachultine, Keel. Five people in my family dna match (32.8 cm- 19.4 cm) to living  people who have claimed one of the above three Joanna/Johanna Fitzgeralds as their ancestress, but not mine who married Michael Horgan. The dna matches could be coincidence;, or Three Cousin Joanna Fitzgeralds, and two Horgan /Hogan brothers or cousins ; or glib copying of other people's trees leading to confusion.  I would like to sort this out!!!

Michael and Joanna's parents are  brick walls for me because of this confusion of Joanna/Johanna Fitzgeralds, and common name Michael Hogan.

I was born in Australia but live in Dingle 32 years.

Records from Keel, actual images.

1. Marriage 7th? Feb 1826.  Joanna Fitzgerald and Mechaslis ( sic, have another  irish gen record, no image, same date and place, but Michaelis Hogan) Horgan.  Testes: Corneli? Horgan and Gulielmus Fitzgerald. Cnucaneachultine.

The following  are Keel parish baptisms, all children of Joanna Fitzgerald and Michaelis Hogan Horgan/ Hagan etc. Of Cnucaneachultine, Graine etc.

2. Baptism. Helenam Horgan  28 April 1827. Sponsors Daly and Horgan.

3. Baptism. Andreum Hagan 7 April 1829.  (Father Michaelis Hogan). Sponsors Daly and Hourin.

4.  Bapt. Timothy Horgan b.6 Aug 1831 Garraune.  (1835 from Census 1901) Cnucaneachultine  and

Marriage Cnucaneachultine  to Ellen Murphy his father stated as Michael Horgan.  Timothy died Killarney, co Kerry 1906.

5. Bapt. Joann(?) Horgan 19 April 1836.  Sponsors Connor and Horgan. Cnucaneachultine.

6. Bapt. Julianna Horgan 8 Jun 1838. Sponsors OSullivan and Daily.  Graine.

7. Bapt. Michaelim (female) Horgan 28 Sep 1840.  Spinsors O Dealy and O Dealy.  Graine.

8. Bapt. Catherina Horgan 1 April 1843.  Gurrane, Castlemaine, Kerry.   and

Marriage to Florentii Mitchell 1836-1998 b. Castlemaine.  The testes to marriage in Graun were Michael Horgan and Michael Mitchell.

9. Bapt. Cornelium Hogan 22 March 1846.  Gurrane.  His father also spelled Hogan. Interestingly, he had an Astrological twin entered above him in the keel book, and their parents were each others sponsors.  Sponsors Cornelius Brosnan and Ellena Horgan.

10.  Bapt. Joann(?) Horgan 5 July 1851 Keel. Sponsor Daly.  Grawn.


Any one interested?



Dingle, Co. Kerry ex Australia




Lucinda Cook

Wednesday 25th Jan 2023, 06:49PM

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