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Hi All!

Looking for descendants of the following County Kerry Dingle Peninsula families:

My great grandparents Thomas OShea & Mary Casey married 29 Jan 1891.

Their daughter, Johanna, immigrated and is my grandma.

Among other daughters, they had daughters Mary Ellen and Bridget. 

Mary Ellen married John OShea  21 March 1919, had a daughter Joan and possible other children? Joan moved to England and was a street car conductor during the war.

Bridget married James Hilliard 26 April 1941, had sons James (died in 1943) and Patrick O. born 1943 and Thomas born in 1944 and possibly a daughter, Jem? At the time of her marriage, Bridget listed millinery & seamstress as her occupation. I have a group photo of 3 children and their dad, James, with Patrick (labeled as Oliver), Thomas and a little girl labeled as Jem.


My great grandparents Patrick Hennessy & Bridget Daley married 18 Feb 1890.

Their son, Michael, immigrated and is my grandpa.

Among many other children, they had daughters Bridget and Margaret. 

Bridget married Michael Enright 26 April 1928, had three children, Mary Anne born 1929, Nora born 1932 and John J. born in 1943

Margaret married James Kenny Jan-March,1943, had four daughters between 1944 and 1948: Bridget A, Eileen P, Johanna and Mary C.

Please notify me if you have any information regarding any of these families and/or their descendants, living or dead.

Thank you so much!

Susan (Hennessy) Pepin


Susan Pepin

Sunday 7th Aug 2022, 08:33PM

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  • Susan:

     looked for the 1901 and 1911 census records for the two families. The O'Shea's lived in Ballintaggart. Johanna became Hannah in 1911. Those two names are interchangeable.

    The Hennessey family lived in Emlagh

    Patrick died before 1911

    I will look for more information.

    Roger McDonnell

    Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Sunday 7th Aug 2022, 09:43PM
  • Thank you Roger! I have done a lot of research and have determined which children in each family grew to adulthood, stayed in Ireland and married.

    I am looking for descendants of : Mary Ellen (OShea) and John OShea, Bridget (OShea) and James Hilliard, Bridget (Hennessy) and Michael Enright, and Margaret (Hennessy) and James Kenny. Dates of marriages and children born are listed in first post. 

    The OShea weddings took place in the Dingle Peninsula at the Church of Annascaul. The Hennessy weddings took place in the Dingle Peninsula at the Church of Lack.

    I am not able to find these churches to visit during my Sept trip. Do you know if they exist and the addresses? Or, do you think the churches are no longer standing?

    There is a church in Annascaul, Church of the Sacred Heart. Is this the church the weddings were held? The OShea wedding was in 1919 and the Hillard wedding was in 1941. If you don't know, can you tell me a resource to find this information out?

    I appreciate your time and information! Thanks so much!

    Susan Pepin

    Saturday 13th Aug 2022, 09:32PM
  • Hi Susan,

    I was in Annascual this past May, and yes, the Church of the Sacred Heart is still there and operational. A quick Google search will give you the's on the N86....the village is pretty small, so you won't have any trouble finding it. If you are looking for a B & B there, we had a lovely stay at the Adrinane House - right as you enter the town, and across from the South Pole Inn - the famous Antarctic explorer Tom Crean established the pub after returning to his childhood home. A must see while in the village! I believe this is the only Catholic church in the village, so your relatives were most likely married there.


    Tuesday 16th Aug 2022, 02:51PM

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