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Mooney Family Tree

Hi All,

Are there any MOONEY families in the Parish of Moone and how far back do they go.

Trying to trace my family tree.




Saturday 18th January 2014, 12:00PM

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  • Hi Gaffa

    There are 776 birth/baptism records of Mooneys in Kildare on (pay site)

    The earliest is of a John Mooney in 1741; however there is no Moone parish in the list of parishes (click on magnifying glass at right of record).

    The Tithe Applotments 1823-37 (free online) have 61 Mooneys in Kildare but there is no mention of a Moone parish there either.

    Griffiths Valuation 1848 - 64 has 1 Mooney in Moone (attached)

    Best results are on Family Search (free) which has 465 Mooneys (I searched for Mooney in Moone) 2)

    Col (Gaffer to my grandchildren)


    Sunday 19th January 2014, 12:50AM
  • Hi Gaffa

    Moone is a village in County Kildare and comes under the RC Parish of Narraghmore.  Before searching around that parish for Mooneys it would be best to trace your family line back a couple of generations to identify the towns, villages or parishes they came from - assuming you haven't already done this!

    If you have any information already about your family line it would be helpful to post some details here so we could see what needs to be done next and where best to look.

    All the best.


    Kildare Town Parish Liaison

    Kildare Kildare

    Sunday 19th January 2014, 02:02PM
  • There are 20 Felix Mooney birth/baptism records on but none is in Kildare.

    There are 11 in Tyrone 3 in Antrim 2 in Cavan & 1 in Leitrim & Monaghan



    Monday 20th January 2014, 12:31AM
  • Hi

    In searching through the Kildare Observer archives today, I found an obituary for Mrs. J J DOWLING, july 26, 1907. There was an "R. MOONEY" listed as a brother-in-law. Maybe this will be helpful to you.
    The link for the newspaper is

    Kildare Observer:

    Good Luck

    mary lowrey
    searching for DOWLING and CASEY families


    Tuesday 21st January 2014, 12:28AM
  • Thanks Mary, 100 years to late.



    Tuesday 21st January 2014, 12:33AM
  • Hi All,

    Just found on Find My Past ;-Irish Prison Registers 1790-1924 a Phelan Mooney CONVICT FROM THE COUNTY OF KILDARE. On the 27 July 1818 He and several others are sent on board the Convict Ship. Can anyone tell more about the ship and where it went [ NSW] or was it just a Hulk prison holding ship.



    Friday 4th March 2016, 04:22PM