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Hello, good evening,


for around 10 years I have been undertaking genealogy and researching my family tree - it is quite extensive and on ancestry, and other sources.

I have my DNA done and again this is on the usual sites.

Yet still I am hitting a brick wall as to which of the individuals I look at are my great grandfather -

Patrick Comerford

Born 1861

Two Mile House Naas Kildare

?mother ?father

Patrick married - not sure where - marrying Laura Ann Murray - she was allegedly born Nova Scotia according to census.

This is stopping me from taking the line back further - would you advise the best way to identify which is 'My' Patrick - I always look at the evidence and ask questions and one in relation to secondary evidence is - can I be sure this is him? My answer is always NO.

I have am in contact with other Comerfords - Rev Patrick Comerford and many others - but as yet nothing has turned up. If I need to make a donation for work undertaken, or pay for someone to research and come up with THE man himself then please advise of this.



Thursday 4th May 2017, 05:30PM

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  • Clare:

    Welcome to Ireland Reaching Out!

    I can't find a Patrick Comerford marriage to a Murray on Find My Past so likely the marriage was in Canada.

    Is there parental info on his death record or obituary?

    We do have a parish liaison in Co. Kildare and I will alert her to your message. We are all volunteers and do not accept reimbursement. If you want to donate to the organiztion, go to the main page and on the top right hand side of the page, you will see a Donate TAB.

    Roger McDonnell


    Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Thursday 4th May 2017, 05:45PM

    Hi Clare

    Can you email a link to your family tree or some details of how you got back to Patrick please and I will take a look if you like.

    Thank you


    Kildare Kildare

    Thursday 4th May 2017, 10:37PM
  • Hello,

    Thank you for your prompt responses I am so pleased, here is some detail -

    ALL Religion RC

    Patrick Comerford - Two Mile House Kildare 1861 - 1925 - passed away St Helens Lancashire UK (possibility Dublin Fusiliers)

    Laura Ann Murray  Nova Scotia Canada        1864 - 1932 passed away St Helens Lancashire UK

    Children of above: (all born St Helens Lancashire)

    Mary 1886 - lived all life in Lancashire (teacher/Headmistress was on local US Airbase as teacher war years)

    Patrick 1888 - emigrated to USA ( state - Lee Mass.)

    John 1891 lived all life in Lancashire

    James 1893 lived all life in Lancashire (Dublin Fusiliers)

    Peter 1894 - children Laura  - 1922 - 2015  and Frank 1925 - 2004 (Dublin Fusiliers) - my grandfather (my mother was Laura)

    Winifred 1897 lived all life in Lancashire

    Laura 1903 lived all life in Lancashire








    Friday 5th May 2017, 07:53AM
  • Hi Clare

    Do you have any birth certs for the family?  And can you confirm where they were living in 1891?  I cannot find them on the 1891 UK census.

    I did find a marriage record on RootsIreland for a Patrick Comerford and Laura Murray, married in Rathangan, 22/08/1882.  Have you looked at this record?



    Kildare Kildare

    Sunday 7th May 2017, 10:14PM
  • Hello Linda,


    Thank you for your response,  I saw a marriage of Patrick Comerford and Laura Ann Murray in Edenderry 1882 - so this will be what you refer to.


    In 1891 I believe the couple were living in St Helens Lancashire possibly at Carter Street or Sutton Road as their son John was born 1891 in St Helens Lancashire.

    I don't have birth certificates for Patrick and Laura Ann, in fact I don't have birth certificates for the Comerfords, have a few death certificates (of latter Comerfords) and own the graves for the Comerfords. I am at a loss really with this line of the family - I have so much information of old history of a couple of lines of the Comerfords from Rev. Patrick Comerford, have DNA but not Y DNA for the Comerfords at present - its just a brick wall with Patrick deciding which individual he is.





    Monday 8th May 2017, 07:20AM