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Conery, Julia Philamina

My grandmother Julia Philamina Conery comes from Kilkenny City her father was a blacksmith.  She came to Canada around 1912 with her sister Elizabeth.  I would like to try to find out more information on her family.

I know one of her sisters married Samual Johnson.

Thank you for any help I can get.


Eleanor Kendall


Monday 21st December 2015, 01:24AM

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  • Eleanor:

    Welcome to Ireland Reaching Out!

    I looked at the 1901 census for Co. Kilkenny and there were ten individuals with the surname Conry but no Julia and none in Kilkenny city. I also looked for Conrey and Conroy with no success. What were the names of her parents?

    Roger McDonnell

    Castlemore Roscommon

    Monday 21st December 2015, 01:49AM
  • My grandmother and all of her siblings were baptised at St. John's Catholic church near the train station in Kilkenny.

    Her mothers maiden name was Mills.  I think her grandmother on her fathers side was Kavanagh and might have lived in Carlow.  Why I think this is because Gran named every dog they owned by the name of Carlow.  I could never understand why until I found the name of the town.

    One of her sisters married Samuel Johnson.

    Two of my cousins in Kilkenny have the last name of Kerwin.

    We were always told Grans last name was spelled Connery but on one of my trips to Kilkenny a cousin with her maiden name said it was spelled Conry.

    All help is appreciated.

    One of the things I find interesting is how they managed to stay in Ireland during the famines as well as the British control.




    Monday 21st December 2015, 04:23PM
  • I have been to Kilkenny a few times over the years and my cousin Sammy Kirwan took me to the church around Roscommon it also had an old schoolhouse which I was told my grandmother had attended.

    My grandmothers father was a blacksmith in Kilkenny, I have seen the outside of his shop which I think was slated to be torn down.  It was on St. John's Green which was all the information I had on my first trip to Kilkenny.

    My grandmothers sister married Samuel Johnson and the family owns a funeral parlour just off John's Green.

    Any help would be appreciated.



    Eleanor Kendall


    Friday 15th January 2016, 10:35PM