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I am visiting Ireland next week and plan to go to Danesfort where my grandparents are buried. Which would be the easiest way to get there from South East Cork where I will be staying?


Wednesday 8th Aug 2018, 03:02PM

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  • Also how would I find Ballyhale graveyard where my great grandparents are buried?
    Thank you


    Wednesday 8th Aug 2018, 03:08PM
  • Hello Jo,

    Welcome to Irelandxo and Ireland. Before I offer some advice, could you say how you are travelling, car or public transport?.

    When you say east Cork would you be starting from somewhere around the town of Youghal ?. If you are looking at a map the two places you mention are on the road between Kilkenny and Waterford (the N10 and N9). They are both in Co. Kilkenny.

    Bi for the moment,


    Ballyadams Laois

    Thursday 9th Aug 2018, 10:56PM
  • Hi thank you for your reply.
    I will be driving. We are staying in Ballymacoda which I believe Youghal is the nearest big town. I am also planning on travelling up to Stonyford and Kilkenny town at some point so could combine this with visiting the graveyards.


    Friday 10th Aug 2018, 09:00AM
  • Hello again Jo,

    Suggest you take the following route.

    From Youghal take the N25 to Dungarvan.

    From Dungarvan continue on the N25 to Waterford.

    From Waterford take the N9 towards Kilkenny passing through a small village called Mullinavat.

    About 5 miles after Mullinavat you will arrive in Ballyhale.

    Further on, just outside Ballyhale, take the N10 towards Kilkenny.

    Continue towards Kilkenny passing through the small village of Knocktopher.

    About 1.5 miles after Knocktopher you will come to Stonyford.

    A further 1.5 miles takes you to Danesfort !.

    At Danesfort you are about 6 miles from Kilkenny.

    All the time, follow the signs for Kilkenny.

    That is as brief as I can make the instructions, hope it is not too confusing.

    I live in Kilkenny and could meet you at any of the locations if you wish, if that would help, Mon thro to Wednesday next week.

    Cheerio for the present,




    Ballyadams Laois

    Friday 10th Aug 2018, 11:40PM
  • Hi Jo,

    Another piece of information which I should have put in my previous post is that both graveyards are beside the R. C. churches at Ballyhale and Danesfort.

    Bi again,


    Ballyadams Laois

    Monday 13th Aug 2018, 04:09PM
  • Hi thank you for your directions, we arrive on the 18th. Thank you also for your offer to meet but I'm sure I'll find them I've been several times before it's just the last time was 6 years ago and so I needed a reminder of where they were.


    Tuesday 14th Aug 2018, 11:10AM
  • Hello Jo,

    Glad to have been of assistance. I see you are an experienced traveller to these parts, so you will negotiate your way, no problem !. Enjoy your trip and safe journeys.

    Best wishes,


    Ballyadams Laois

    Tuesday 14th Aug 2018, 09:33PM
  • Looking for information about William Kealy and Anastatia Egan from Anamult.  Any info is appreciated.

    Kathy R


    Monday 7th Oct 2019, 08:20PM

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