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I am looking for any information on the Michael Gannon family. Michael married Mary O'Toole. They had 9 children.  Margaret ( b. 1828 )  Richard ( b. 1829 )  Mary ( b. 1831 )  Bridget ( b. 1833 ) James (b. 1835 ) William  ( b. 1837 )  Daniel  ( b. 1837 )  Judy ( b. 1842 )  Anastatia  ( b. 1844 ).      

Michaels parents are : Richard Gannon    Margaret Delany

Michael's Brother : John Gannon   Wife : Anastatia Fleming

These are dates that I got off of someone elses tree and would like to verify and obtain sources.

Thank you for your help!



Thursday 7th August 2014, 07:31PM

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  • Linda:

    The RC parish for the civil parish of Erke is Johnstown and the records go back to 1814. I searched the Johnstown records on Roots Ireland and found a record for Margaret, Richard and Mary for the years mentioned above in the Johnstown records. The parents were Michael and Mary. I assume the other children are also there.

    Roots is a pay site to view a transcription of a church record. I did not locate the marriage.

    Roger McDonnell

    Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Thursday 7th August 2014, 07:54PM
  • Roger,

       Thank you for the quick respose to my question. I also want to thank you for the link that will be of great help to me. The parents are those you stated so I believe that is the correct family. You made my day :)

    Have a great day, Linda


    Friday 8th August 2014, 01:45PM
  • Im trying to contact the family of Michael Gannon from Co Mayo who left Ireland for Scotland, then went to USA.
    I'm a bit sketchy about the dates, but believe he was born in the 1800's and travelled to the USA circa 1924?
    Any information would be gratefully received.


    Friday 7th November 2014, 03:40AM
  • Hi,

     I am the grgrgrgranddaughter of Mary gannon and have some information. Contact my Email: grandmadsg@yahoomail. Looking forward to sharing.


    Saturday 8th November 2014, 09:10PM