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Headstones in Coolkerry graveyard.








O Connell







Wednesday 25th July 2012, 06:59PM

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  • I have visited this cemetery several times as I thought that one of my ancestors, Edward Dunphy, may have been buried there. His parents and siblings migrated to Aust in 1850/3, but he was deceased before they moved. Its very difficult to decipher many of the headstones in this cemetery and I haven't been able to obtain a list of burials. 'My' Dunphys lived in Coolkerry close to Conneyburrow Bridge. Parents were John and Catherine Dunphy and I think they lived along the internal road which is alongside the one remaining rock wall of a house on the corner of R433 and the road to Mountrath.    

    Mike Dunphy

    Saturday 23rd February 2013, 11:49PM
  • Not sure if you rec'd my message on the Coolkerry cemetery. I've been there several times looking for Dunphy headstones.'My' Dunphys lived in Coolkerry prior to migration to Auistralia. Three of the eldest migrated in 1850 and then their mother and father and the rest of the family travelled in 1853. I know a lot abt the family from the time they got to Australia, but little about their life in Coolkerry. I found baptismal records for the 2 youngest children in Rathdowney Parish records, but none for the others. The father's name was John Dunphy and his wife was Catherine Wallis from Mountrath. As mentioned earlier I think they lived in Coolkerry near the Conneyburrow bridge and along the right of way that runs past the remaining wall of a house through the property on the corner. Thanks    

    Mike Dunphy

    Wednesday 28th August 2013, 01:42AM