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(O)KEEFFE family


I am seeking any information on Margaret KEEFFE born 1834 in Durrow. Her parents were Laurence & Hanoria nee BRYAN though it may possibly have been BRIEN or BERGIN.  May have lived at 'Imovet' .Possibly related to DALY & CASSINS. I am not sure of the various spellings. Any help much appreciated.


Further to this, the BRYAN (James?) lived at Upper George st., Durrow in 1834.



Monday 25th April 2016, 09:42PM

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  • Hi Marion . . . Welcome to Ireland Reaching Out  . . 

    Roots Ireland . . contained the following record  . . . 

    Margaret Keife (note spelling) of Capanelan . .Durrow . . Laoise (Queen's County)

    on the 23 Mar. 1837 - -  was Baptised (R.C.)

    Father . .. . Michael Kiefe

    Mother . . Mary Costello

    Witnesses . . . Michael Campion and Margaret Leary

    NOT a match to your query . . Parents differ . . and year . . BUT  ???


    Map . . .


    On Ancestry.Com . . . I found the following 

    Margt Kafe

     in the Ireland, Catholic Parish Registers, 1655-1915



      Name:Margt KafeEvent Type:BaptismBaptism Date:20 Apr 1834Baptism Place:Durrow, Kilkenny and Laois,IrelandDiocese:OssoryFather:Lawce KafeMother:Honor Bergan . . . 

      THIS would appear to be a closer match . . to your given info. . . Spelling KAFE

      ___note . . mothers name spelled Bergan____________________________________________________________

      Hope this helps . . . if you can add further . . we are pleased to assist . . .





      Eamonn M. Horan

      Tuesday 26th April 2016, 10:51AM
    • Hi Eamonn,

      Thank you.  The KAFE one is correct, parents Honora BRYAN & Laurence KEEFFE.  KAFE is a new one on me but when I first looked her up in Australia she was indexed as RUFFE. No wonder we can't find people. She had a sister Anne bap 21 Sep 1836. Added was a comment G or YS James (or Jamey)  Margaret migrated in 1855.Her occupation was a nurse I believe she had a relation James BRYAN who may be the James on the GS thingy. Her father perhaps? 





      Wednesday 27th April 2016, 12:01AM