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The Mooney Family


My ancestor Judith Mooney was born in 1803 and bapt Jun 23 1803.  Her bapt record says that Judith was born to Patrick Mooney and Catherine Walsh.  She was bapt in the Parish of Ballenakill, Ballyroan, Abyleix and Knocgordegur, Dysart Galen.

She married Parick Worrel and had 6 children.  3 of them immgrated to the state of Wisconsin in the United States.  All of their children were bapt in the parish of Camross.  I have bapt records for the four older children, but not the two younger girls.

I donot know where Patrick and Judith were married and if they ever came to the united states.  Are the churches they were bapt still standing.  Any information you could give me would be of help.  I can send all the information I have on the Worrels of Wisconsin, USA.  There is a family story that their son, Willam Worrel was a horse jockey in Ireland and that some business men brought him to New York, USA to race horses.  I have not found any information to prove this story.  It is said that he fell off his horse and hurt his left arm.  It was amputated and buried in New York.  He did only have one arm.

Thanks so much to ever reads my message,


Theresa Larson

Saturday 4th February 2017, 12:23AM

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  • Dear Theresa:


    Many thanks for your query to Ireland Reaching Out and welcome!

    I was unable to find a marriage record for Patrick Worrell and Judith Mooney.  However, it is worth looking through the registers that are on the NLI website to see if you might find one. 

    They can be accessed at this link:

    There is a website about the Camross parish by a local historian where you might find more about the community there.

    Here is the link to that:


    If you have any further questions, please get back to me.


    Kind regards,


    Jane Halloran Ryan

    Monday 6th February 2017, 01:58PM
  • Thank you so much for the information Jane.  I love this site.

    Theresa Larson

    Tuesday 7th February 2017, 07:39PM
  • You're very welcome, Theresa!!  Please check back with us and keep us posted as to your progress.


    All the best,


    Jane Halloran Ryan

    Wednesday 8th February 2017, 03:31PM