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Tallent family name research

My great great grandfather, James Tallent was born in Maryborough, Co Laois (Queens County) in either 1818 or 1819. He married Margaret Deegan date and place unknown. In 1842 he joined the British army (54th Regiment of Foot) and moved to Colchester, Essex. After 21 years service he was discharged from the army in 1863. During these 21 years he had several children, Patrick (1845 – Mullingar, Co Westmeath), Edward (1847 – Portarlington, Co Laois), Mary Ann (1849 – Jersey, Channel Islands), John (1852 – Westbury, Wiltshire), James (1858 – Devonport, Devon), Michael (1860 – Colchester, Essex), Francis (1862 – Colchester, Essex), Joseph (1863 – Colchester, Essex) and Stephen (1865 – Maryborough, Co Laois). It is thought that after leaving the army he moved back to Ireland as his last child (Stephen) was born in Maryborough, Co Laois. No details are known of James address, parents, marriage date and location, or other relatives.

There was a John Tallent married to Susan Herbert living in Maryborough at the same time James and Margaret's last child was born (1865) in Maryborough. There is a possibility that John and Susan are related to James and Margaret.

John Tallent was born in Maryborough, Co Lais in 1835 married Susan Herbert on 3 September 1855 in Maryborough. They had several children, Tobias (born 1858 in Maryborough), James (born 1858 in Maryborough), Lucy (born 1858 in Maryborough), Michael (born 1864 in Portlaoise, married on 11 August 1885 in Maryborough to Ellen Dowling), Margaret (born 1866 in Maryborough), William (born 1869 in Maryborough, married on 10 May 1896 in Maryborough to Mary Doyle), Mary (born 1873 in Maryborough, married on 17 January 1900 in Maryborough to Peter Cahill) and John (married 10th September 1890 to Kate Devoy).

I am having difficulty finding out details of James Tallent and Margaret Deegan and their relatives, address, dates etc. This is a long shot request. If anyone is related to any of the above people and can provide me with any details of relatives, dates etc. I would be very pleased to hear from you.

Mike Tallent

Thursday 6th August 2020, 07:51PM