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My parents will be visiting Ireland for the first time this Sept. My mom's family comes from the Charleville and Colmanswell area.  She is hoping to perhaps connect with a church or cemetery where some of her family may be. She is not aware if anyone from these families is still in the area.  Her local family rundown is the following:

Johanna Sheedy married Thomas Gillane in the Colmanswell area. Their children all born in Colmanswell are Johanna and Maria twins 1826, Michael 1828, Hanora 1830, John 1832, Thomas 1834, Dennis 1836, Patrick 1840, and James 1841. We have found baptismal certs from many of them and the baptisms were done in the Rockhill & Bruree parish.

John Quilty from Foxhall East, Colmanswell born about 1818. He married Maria Gillane from above we believe in Colmanswell area and they emigrated to Cincinnati OH.

David McNaughten married Elizabeth Geary both from Charleville. Their children born in Charleville are Mary 1845, Michael 1846, David 1850, Honora 1852, and Maurice 1855. Michael's baptismal cert is for Feb 1847 in Shandrum parish.  He emigrated to Chicago in April 1868. He married the daughter of John Quilty and Mary Gillane in Chicago.

How would my parents go about looking for the strands of these families in the Charleville and Colmanswell area?  Most of these people married there but we have no records online.

Any help for them would be so much appreciated.

Jeanie Lewis



Tuesday 30th May 2017, 03:08AM

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  • Hi Jeanie,


    you could check the 1901 and 1911 censuses for remaining family members. The names aren't the most common ones, which helps. For example, here's a search for Gillanes in Limerick in 1901. There are 10 listed, but I don't think the DEDs listed match your ancestors' parishes. You should check Cork aswell as Charleville is just over the border between Limerick and Cork.You could use baptismal and civil records (check to trace family from your baptismal certs to the census. The civil records only start in 1864. After the online civil records peter out in the 1910s, you could try FamilySearch for more recent ones. You could also try checking Irish newspapers online for references to the family you find to try and trace to modern times. I'm not a local, but someone else here might then be able to help you trace specific families.


    Good luck with your search,



    Tuesday 30th May 2017, 11:33AM
  • Here is a little written by a teacher from Colmanswell. Her address is on the page you could write to her asking about the family names that may still be in the area. Being a teacher she would know the families in the area and may be able to get you going in the right direction. Sorry I tried to put in the link but it didn't work. If you Google Mrs Micheal Drew Colmanswell, you should come across Townlands of Colmanswell Parish - Gortroe -

    Another one to Google is st colmanswell. On page 2 there is a grave for a John Quilty maybe the names on the grave may have some meaning to your family.  is another sight that gives some info on the area. Look for Ballyagran - Colmanswell

    I tried to put up the links to these but for some reason I don't know why they didn't work. Let me know if you find these OK.










    Tuesday 30th May 2017, 03:40PM
  • Eve

    Tuesday 30th May 2017, 03:48PM
  • Thanks Steve and Eva.  Will look into the newspapers.  Eva...checked out the links.  They worked just fine the second posting.  And there are Quilties in the cemetery. The write ups from the teacher are pretty intriguing.  I could not figure out the date they were made....maybe like mid 20th century? but intriguing...

    thanks! and if anyone on the ground can help out with making connections for us, we would be very grateful!



    Wednesday 31st May 2017, 05:54PM
  • Msg from Evelyn keeffer.
    "Hi I am with Charleville heritage Society we are having a heritage week in Sept and my family came from rockhill in the early 1800s too so I maybe able to help my email is"


    See the msg above from evelyn keeffe please contact her on email above re your visit. She thinks she may be able to help wuth your query.
    Regards ann marie kennedy effin.


    Monday 24th Jul 2017, 06:54PM
  • Ann Marie

    I see this one.  I will get a hold of Evelyn.  THANKS!!!



    Tuesday 25th Jul 2017, 03:02AM

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