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Ryan (Luke) Origin


Does any one know,  or could someone explain the history behind the line of Ryans specific to Luke.  I our family and in the Irish census documents our family is Ryan (Luke). Up and into the 1970's elders in the family identified themselves Ryan with emphasis on the Luke connection per family stories. A privateer of a sailing vessel in the 1700s was a character named Luke Ryan.

My direct link to Doon is

Denis Ryan (Luke) 1802 - 22 MAR 1875 Village of Doon, Limerick, Ireland a Cooper by trade in Limerick City

married to 

Alice "Ally" O'Dwyer    Birth 11 FEB 1822 • Solohead & Oola, Limerick, Ireland
                                 Death 6 APR 1878 • Village of Doon, Limerick, Ireland

Any information sharing would be great,

Thanks, Beth


Saturday 11th March 2017, 01:53AM

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  • I have 12 Ryan (Luke)s in my database. Those who have a location attached are from Kylegarve, Cappamore, and most appear to be the children of Patrick Ryan (Luke) and Mary Ann O'Donnell. There was a John Ryan (Luke) in Kylegarve, Cappmore in the Griffiths Valuation (pub 1852).  I do not have a Denis in my group, but his name appears in Doon in the TA and GV.


    Sunday 12th March 2017, 05:15PM
  • Do the Ryan (Luke) clan originate Cappamore: Shanacloon, Farnane, Bilboa & Kylegarve, of Cappamore in Limerick ? 

    (Not sure the Dublin pirate 'Luke Ryan' is connected?).

    The Ryan (Luke) clan might have been involved in the "White boys" land rebellions of the  late1700s?  There were three major outbreaks of Whiteboyism: 1761–64; 1770–76; and 1784–86. It was widespread in Munster.

    However there is a later reference is  a John Ryan (Luke) is mentioned  in "faction fighting" with the Coffey clan etc. 
    AKA : Sean Lucash Ryan: Chief of the Ryans, Doon: Page 31; From Seventy Years of Irish Life, Chapter 3, By W. R. LeFanu, 1893.

    I am related to a Ryan (Luke) branch from North Doon, down the road,  they might not still be there as small farmers in Gurtnageragh (variant spellings), there might be 'Lukeman or Loughman ', ....definately 'English, 'Hayes' & 'Darcy' relations .
    Denis Ryan (Luke) 1849–1918 • Gurtnagera, Doon North (Doon South, Limerick) , my great-grandfather who married a Julia Darcy . There is another Denis Ryan (Luke) mentioned the Griffiths same year of 1856** in the village of Doon itself.   
    See : Estate Maps of County Limerick , Email:

    The old negelcted farm house where their daughter, my maternal grandmother was born, only sold last year, for a song.

    Some Ryan Lukes are also buried at St Fintans Monastery Rd,Doon.
    F18 & F 19 are my relations.

    The nick Ryan (Luke) appears on the local Griffiths Valuations, Limerick,Coonagh, Doon (North & South), 1847-1864 with his father Cornelius the lessor being one of the Scotts, the 'Earls of Clonmell' 1856**.
    There seems three generations of our Ryan (Luke) branch named (the eldest son) Cornelius into the previous century. 

    regards ,  Mike 


    Ireland, Griffith’s Valuation

    Wednesday 15th May 2019, 01:41AM
  • Hello Beth

    I was intereserd in your article on the Ryan (Luke) Clan, not so much because of the Ryan Clan, but because of the marriage of Denis Ryan to Alice Dwyer.

    My 3rd gr grandfather, Michael Dwyer, was born in Doon in 1776. He was arrested in 1800 for being one of four who "wickedly attack Patrick Ryan with an intent to kill and murder him and also that the said Hugh Hayes, Denis Molloy and Grimes Tierney did unlawfully assemble in arms with many others some time in the middle of last year one thousand eight hundred, and that they did then and there turn up and destroy, or cause to be turned up and destroyed a quantity of pasture land the property of Mr Hammessley; being in furtherance of Rebellion and for acting arising and assisting in the same." All prisoners severally pleaded NOT GUILTY but were sent to Australia where Michael Dwyer became a citizen of some standing.  It is believe his mother is Margaret Dwyer of Doon as there is a record of a Margaret Dwyer in the Tithe Applotment Books of 1824, which can be found at the Limerick Ancestry. Margaret Dwyer was mentioned as being a widow who owned a stone house in Doon, in the townland of Toomaline. John had five sisters and one brother; there are no records of his father.  

    Any chance you might have some information on Michael Dwer or his family? 

    cheers, Jill 


    Sunday 19th May 2019, 05:17AM
  • Hi Jilly, I'm really interested in your story brcause it's not unlike my story.  Where did your Michael Dwyer live in Australia?  Are you aware of Michael Dwyer, the Wicklow Chief?  This Michael was in Liverpool, NSW.  I have DNA matches to Ryan (Luke) people and I'm trying to find connections.  


    Saturday 2nd November 2019, 11:53PM
  • Hello Kerry, think I must have been half or fully asleep when I typed that message because my Dwyer is JOHN, not Michael. The story still applies but it should be JOHN DWYER.

    Yes, I am aware of Michael Dwyer the Wicklow Chief and as far as I can discover, he wasn't related to my John.

    Two John Dwyers arrived in Australia as convicts on board Atlas II on 30 Sept 1802. My John Dwyer eventually owned land at Appin and I believe the other John Dwyer stayed around the Liverpool area. I do know Michael Dwyer from Wicklow also lived in Liverpool and no doubt they probably all knew each other. 

    Do you think you might be related to my John Dwyer from Doon? 



    Sunday 3rd November 2019, 07:45AM
  • Hi Jill,

    I've had trouble navigating this site but I'm here at last.

    My grandfather told me that we were related to Michael Dwyer, the Wicklow Chief.  I haven't found evidence to support this but I have a lot of anecdotal stuff.  

    Yes, Liverpool is significant.  My political prisoner 3rd great-grandfather, Patrick Doyle, was assigned to James Bull there at the time the Tellicherry Five were there.  The Dwyers and Byrnes were godparents to my Doyle rellies.  It's interesting that your John Dwyer went to Airds because Hugh 'Vesty' Byrne went there too ... from Liverpool.

    I think it is possible that my Doyles were related to the Dwyers and Byrnes and Devlins through the Byrne side of the Dwyer family.  Was your John connected to them as well?  Also, Michael Dwyer's wife, Mary, was a Doyle. There is a family story that Mary asked James Bull to take Patrick Doyle on when he arrived in 1814.  Many of the others on the Three Bees went to the Hunter area.  I've thought that she might do this if she was related to Patrick.  Anyway, Patrick married Ann Bull, daughter of his keeper once he was free.

    I might see if I can find your John Doyle in Trove.

    Fingers crossed.







    Wednesday 6th November 2019, 06:52AM
  • Hi Kerri

    Am thinking we might not be related as your family line heads in a different direction to mine. I tried Trove too but couldn't find much.

    Good luck with your searching.



    Sunday 17th November 2019, 06:01AM