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Hi I have been involved in a project in mapping and recording the graveyard in Effin.  it still has to be uploaded onto the Historicgraves webite but it will help with anyone locating their ancestors in the parish.



Friday 12th Jun 2015, 11:56AM

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  • Thanks Effin, the graveyards are such an important and often overlooked resource. It will be great to have yours uploaded to the Historic Graves.


    Best wishes


    Genealogy Support 

    Clare Doyle

    Friday 12th Jun 2015, 12:12PM
  • Kilquane graveyard and Kilbreedy graveyard are yet to be done. Kilbreedy will be a challenge as itis overgrown

    Saturday 13th Jun 2015, 04:43PM
  • Hi, can you tell me when & where this will be uploaded please? I have been to effin graveyard a few times but have been unable to find my ancestors graves as there were no records  available & my grandparents had no grave stone. I did also go to Kilquane graveyard just in case they were buried there but no success. 


    Margaret Jakeman (Nee Cremin)


    Saturday 19th Dec 2015, 05:22PM
  • Hi, Do you have any idea when the Effin graveyards will be uploaded to the historic graveyards site please. I have tried frequently to find my grandparents graves in the cemetries but have been inable to find them. The names are Cremin & Walsh

    Thank you for any help you can give

    Margaret Jakeman (nee Cremin)


    Wednesday 6th Jul 2016, 08:17AM
  • Hi Margaret

    In many cases these graveyard are either transcribed locally by heritage groups or by Historic Graves. We will have no way of knowing unless by checking out historic graves sporadically to see new additions or if local groups advertise their finished project. Sometimes funding is needed to complete the work and this often prevents further progress.

    Best wishes

    Clare Doyle

    Genealogy Support 

    Clare Doyle

    Thursday 7th Jul 2016, 08:12AM
  • Hi 

    all graves are uploaded onto the website. 


    Effin Graveyard

    Kilquane Graveyard -


    Happy Hunting



    Ann Marie Kennedy

    Monday 2nd Jan 2017, 09:20PM


    the above is link to the Cremin and Walsh graves in Effin Graveyard


    Ann Marie Kennedy

    Monday 2nd Jan 2017, 09:22PM
  • Thnak you, Ann Marie.  And HappyNew Year.



    Tuesday 3rd Jan 2017, 04:12PM
  • Hello

    I am hoping that you may be able to assist. I am looking for records of  Dr James O'Sullivan and his family. I think that Dr James O'Sullivan was buried in the Effin Cemetery. Unfortunately I do not have a date of death. Dr James O'Sullivan's son James was born about 1862 in Effin and migrated to  South Australia where he died 22 July 1953. He Married Catherine (Kate) Davis and they had one son Dan Davis O'Sullivan. I am looking for records of Dr James O'Sulivan's birial and also any family members.

    Thank you for your help



    Sunday 9th Apr 2017, 06:15AM
  • Dear Virginia:

    Many thanks for your post to Ireland Reaching Out.


    The links for the two graveyards are listed above and the project is called Historic Graves.

    The link is below:

    Kind regards,



    Jane Halloran Ryan

    Monday 10th Apr 2017, 08:16AM
  • Hi 

    Is it possible that I can get a transcription of the writing on the O'Sullivan grave LI EFFIN- 0085? There is writing on the tombstone but it is not possible to read on the image online?

    I appreciate any help



    Wednesday 7th Mar 2018, 05:15AM

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