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Grady / Gready family

13-Jul-21 16:55
Ireland XO Community, Knockainey (Limerick), Limerick 3 Thanks Patricia. This is handy
by Jackie Leahy 15-Jul-21 19:54

'gravestone project' DAVERN

1-Dec-20 18:54
Ireland XO Community, Knockainey (Limerick), Limerick 5 Thank you  Davern, glad I
by Christina, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘ 15-Apr-21 12:23

Carrigan ancestry in Co.Tipperary < 1850

27-Apr-20 12:10
Ireland XO Community, All 3 Thank you, M/M McCoy for the
by Tayt Taylor 29-Apr-20 12:02


3-Apr-20 14:40
Ireland XO Community, Knockainey (Limerick), Limerick 3 My Ancestors James Leo lived in
by Jim Leo 25-Nov-20 1:58

Gready family

28-Jan-20 11:50
Ireland XO Community, Knockainey (Limerick), Limerick 2 Hopefully someone will be able to
by Croom Parish Liasion 6-Jul-20 20:58

Looking for gr gr grandparents McCarthy and Murphy.

16-Jul-18 21:05
Knockainey (Limerick), Limerick 10  
by Ostinato 10-Aug-18 20:11

Looking for Slatterys in Knockainey and vicinity

23-Feb-18 18:08
Knockainey (Limerick), Limerick 3 Thank you, Christina.  You don
by Kathryn E Gourley 25-Feb-18 16:35

Rawleighs of Rawleighstown/ Knockainey

21-Feb-17 14:33
Knockainey (Limerick), Limerick 14 Hi Mary
by John17 28-Nov-20 11:58

Great work!

24-Jan-17 13:56
Knockainey (Limerick), Limerick 2 Thanks Marsha! Hope you are looking
by Clare Doyle 24-Jan-17 16:15

Raleigh Gravesites at Old Knockainey Cemetery

16-Jan-17 18:02
Knockainey (Limerick), Limerick 7 Jim-
by MaryTV 17-Feb-17 10:53

John Slattery, Knockainey

8-Jan-17 4:29
Knockainey (Limerick), Limerick 4 Thanks Eamonn - my research shows
by Ann Koenig 10-Jan-17 7:19

Joseph P. Kean

1-Aug-16 21:33
Knockainey (Limerick), Limerick 3 Roger:  thanks for the DNA
by jjkean 15-Aug-16 21:27

Looking for information on Ryan and Hayes families

5-Jun-16 20:41
Knockainey (Limerick), Limerick 4 Stephanie:
by Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘ 7-Jun-16 21:32

Mary Shannon/Shanahan

26-Dec-15 21:21
Knockainey (Limerick), Limerick 3 Thanks dancer. I hadn't looked in
by HeatherP 28-Dec-15 11:32

The Hogan Family

21-Dec-15 12:19
Knockainey (Limerick), Limerick 5 Michael - in relation to your
by Clare Doyle 6-Jan-16 11:20