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My great x 4 grandparents were Nicholas Cooke & Maria (or Mary) English married 1820 in Bulgaden.

Their daughter Deborah Cooke (b. 5 Apr 1830 & died 1914) married James Riordan (died before 1901) in Knockainey on 17 Jan 1855. These are my great great great grandparents and they lived in Bottomstown according to 1901 census. I come from their eldest Mary or Mary Philomena. A son of James & Deborah and went to the US as a priest and eventually ended up in Grand Mount, Iowa. His sister Margaret lived with him there.

Nicholas seems to have been a very popular name amongst the Cookes and I am having trouble sorting them out.

I've attached a tree of close relations of Deborah. Its open for correction.

I'm interested in any info on the Cookes and Riordans and any decendants or ancestors.




Mark Callanan

Thursday 26th January 2012, 10:43AM

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  • Hi Mark

    Can you sent a copy of the attachment you spoke of to

    The church records for Nicholas and Mary English include the birth details  of their children which include -:








    and Thomas (b.1837)




    Michael Cleary

    Thursday 26th January 2012, 07:22PM
  • Thanks for the info. I have sent the attatchment to the email you gave.



    Mark Callanan

    Tuesday 31st January 2012, 10:33AM
  • Mark,

     I recently joined Ireland Reaching Out (Knockainey parish, County Limerick). I saw your message about Rev. Daniel Riordan in Grand Mound, Clinton County, Iowa.

     I live in Iowa, and work at the State Historical Society (as well as having genealogy as a hobby). I live several hours away from Clinton County: however, a few years ago--through work-- I met a woman with the Clinton County Historical Society. She and her associates have done a lot of research on Clinton County families. A lot of Irish settled in that area.

    Anyway, I contacted her today and she said I could pass her email address on to you. Her name is Jan Hansen, and her email address is

    She wrote, in part, "this is exciting!  We would be proud to be part of the "Ireland Reaching Out" project as we had a huge inflow of Irish immigrants into Clinton County."

    I hope this helps in your search.  Like Jan, I am very excited about the Ireland Reaching Out project.  I am pleased to have helped in some small way. 

    Best of luck,

    Kathy Gourley



    Kathryn E Gourley

    Tuesday 28th February 2012, 03:21AM
  • Deborah and Patrick were their children Patrick was born in 1818 and he was my grandfathers grandfather, my grangfathrs name was Patrick Peter COOKE born 1896in Pyalong Australia died 1969 also in Australiaanyone who can assist with my tree would be appreciated I have an acct with if anyone wants a look!!


    Tuesday 25th September 2012, 06:54AM
  • My name is Peter Cooke

    i was brought up on a sheep property in Pyalong Australia

    my father was Robert his was John,his was Richard,his was Patrick who was the original settler

    the farm is still in the family  

    i know of. Thomas Cooke who is a relative who breed hunters on the old family farm in Ireland,I can find out where


    Wednesday 31st December 2014, 01:14AM
  • Hi Peter,

    Happy New Year. From research I've done on I think the Cookes who settled in Pyalong were from Bottomstown, Knockainey in Co.Limerick. They'd be a different branch from my Cookes but given both branches are from Bottomstown, its likely they're linked.


    Mark Callanan

    Thursday 1st January 2015, 11:36AM
  • Hi Mark yes Bottomstown dies ring a bell I haven't been there but many of my family and cousins and uncles etc have,much to the amusement of Thomas I am told.all the best in your endeavours feel free to pass my name on if I can be of any help my mum knows the tree pretty well.we have a strong tie in with Ryan's one of whom married my great grand fathers brother.all the best,Peter







    Thursday 1st January 2015, 01:04PM
  • Hi there,Im having trouble confirming parents for Nicholas Cooke B 1772 D 16 March 1842. I believe the family originated in England and went to Ireland.  Desparatly trying to understand when and if this happened etc if anyone knows or has any ideas on this I would be so grateful : )

    Thanks so much

    Kathleen Elliott nee Cooke



    Wednesday 24th March 2021, 03:03AM
  • Hi Kathleen

    Can you please forward me your email address and I will put you in touch with someone who may be able to help you.


    Wednesday 24th March 2021, 02:05PM
  • Hello,

    I'm from the Riordans /Reardons from Bottomstown. At my Gt-Grandfathers funeral in July 1904 in Bruff, theres a transcript of those in attendance and a Thomas and James Cooke of Bottomstown are listed. The elder brother of  Daniel, the deceased, was James Riordan/ Reardon of Bottomstown -  a farmer and  names are listed of their land in Griffiths Valuation in the parish of Knockainey and Patrickswell

    James Riordan   104 acres  net value £108 0s 0d    house and land  68 acres  net value £66 15s 0d

    Nicholas Cooke  - lessors Thomas Wyse -  Land 11 acres   House,Thomas Offices and Land 22 acres    net value £22 15s  0d

    Thomas Cooke -   land 3 acres    John Cooke,  House offices and land 38 acres   net value £39 10s 0d


    Wednesday 24th March 2021, 05:43PM
  • This might not have anything to do with your Cooke family but there was a wonderful article in Lough Gur and District Historical Society Journal # 17,  2013-14. That identifies a Nicholas Cooke. The article on page 74 highlighted a diary of Catherine Fogarty whose visited from Australia and family descends from Ballintona/ Bottomstown, Limerick.


    Regards- Mary




    Thursday 25th March 2021, 07:35PM