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My ancestor, Bridget SLATTERY, was born in Lough Gur Townland, Knockainey Parish, about 1800.  On 10 May 1819, she married Thomas TORTICILL (various spellings).  Thomas was a pensioner, retired from the British Army.  He received his pension until 1847, so he must have died that year.  Bridget and Thomas had four children: Hannah (b. 1820--d. London, 1849), Elizabeth (b.1823--died very young?); James (b. 1825); Mary (b. 1828).  In 1850, son James TORTICILL emigrated to the United States.  In 1851, his mother Bridget, and his remaining sister, Mary, emigrated to the United States.   I am curious as to where Thomas TORTICILL and his daughter Elizabeth might be buried.  Elizabeth was baptized a Catholic (following her mother's religion).  I think Thomas was a Protestant.  (He was born and raised in England.  He did not settle in Ireland until he was 40 years old and retired from the British Army).  I am also hoping to find information about Bridget SLATTERY's parents and siblings.  Are there any SLATTERY descendants still in Knockainey and vicinity?  I am visiting Ireland in 2018 and would love to meet relatives.  Thank you.



Kathryn E Gourley

Friday 23rd February 2018, 06:08PM

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  • Hi Kathy.

    There were 16 Slattery's in Knockainey on Griffiths Valuation. 

    I found two Slattery headstones in Knockainey graveyard,

    There are other graveyards in the area, which I will search through.

    One if them a very old one in Grange is  on historic graves as well.

    There were Slatterys in the 1901 census in the area

    There were no Torticell's in the Tithes,1830 ,I will search for them on Griffiths.

    Best of luck, let me know how you get on.

    Christina Volunteer Irelandxo.

    Christina, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Sunday 25th February 2018, 07:58AM
  • Thank you, Christina.  You don't need to search for the Torticill's on Griffiths.  I struggled, in vain, to find them--and then a more experienced genealogist pointed out to me that there is a Bridget "Forticill" in the index!  Bridget is in Lough Gur.  Her husband, Thomas, was deceased by then, and her son James was in the States.  There are no earlier Torticills in the area, as Thomas was the first Torticill to arrive in County Limerick.  He was stationed in Limerick for a brief time when he was in the British Army (16th Regiment of Foot).  I suspect he met Bridget Slattery at that time, because when he retired from the British Army a few years later, he immediately returned to County Limerick.  Thomas and Bridget were married a short time later.  Best, Kathy



    Kathryn E Gourley

    Sunday 25th February 2018, 04:35PM