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My maternal grandmother was the youngest daughter of John Cleary (shoemaker) and Mary Healy of Knockainey. They had 9 children between 1869 and 1891:

Hanora (Nora) Cleary    B: 1869 - Emigrated to USA
Bridget Cleary    B: Jun 13 1870 - ?
Catherine Cleary    B: 1874 - Emigrated to USA
David Cleary    B: 10 Aug 1876 - ?
James Cleary    B: 20 Nov 1878 - ?
William Cleary    B: 20 May 1880 - ?
Mary Agnes Cleary    B: 1882 - Emigrated to USA
John Cleary    B: 1885 - Emigrated to USA
Helen (Ellen) Philomena Cleary    B: 1891 - Emigrated to USA

I'd love to find information about John Cleary and Mary Healy, and any of their children who remained in Ireland: Bridget, David, James, and William.

Katherine Morrow
Quebec, Canada


Sunday 3rd February 2013, 10:40PM

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  • My name is Timothy Cleary,I just came accross your post and like you my family is from Lough Gur.I have some information about the Clearys listed on your post.About 10 years back I traveled to Knockainey and went to the parrish priest's house and looked up the baptismal records of my ancestorrs.I looked up what I have and I see your ancestors listed.Catherine was baptized on Feb.16,1874 the wittness are listed as Mary Moran.David was bapt.on Aug.13,1876,wittness are Michael Cusack and Johanna Coughlan.James was bapt. Nov.6,1878,wittness James Cleary (an uncle?) and Hanora Cleary.William was bapt. May 2,1880,wittness James Healy,Bridget Cleary,Mary was bapt.March 25,1889,wittness William Walsh,Hanora Cleary.John bapt.Feb.4,1885 wittness James Tierney,Honora Cleary.Ellen bapt. June 3,1891,wittness James Cleary,Catherine Cleary.My ancestors from Lough Gur/Knockainey lived about the same time.My grandfathers grandfather who arrived in Springfield Massachusetts in 1850.His name was John who had sisters named Bridget ( who married James Murnane) Hanora and Mary.I know from research that usually the wittness' are family members in most parts.Maybe the Hanora Cleary and Bridget Cleary listed on the bapt. records might be the sisters of my John Cleary born in Lough Gur in 1820.I hope this helps you some.Take care and God Bless.If you would like to contact me my email address is

    timothy cleary

    Monday 4th February 2013, 08:38PM
  • Hi there,

    Thanks  for your message Katherine, and thanks to Timothy also for the helpful contribution. Having looked on the Irish 1901 census record for any of these Clearys that stayed in Ireland, I found the following, which I believe is likely to refer to James Cleary (born 1878)

    The age is very close, and this James Cleary worked for the parish priest Rev Michael Hourigan. I will see if I can find any further information and if I do I'll post it here.

    Kind regards,

    Karl Sachartschuk

    Knockainey Community Office


    Tuesday 5th February 2013, 04:48PM