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David Flanagan born about1810 lka 6Caher, Kilmaine

8-Feb-12 11:05
Kilcommon (Limerick), Limerick 2
by ixouser471159

Graveyard headstone inscriptions and indexing

6-Feb-12 13:41
Knockainey (Limerick), Limerick 10 Ryans of Knockainey
by KCCoffice 18-Apr-12 10:38

Catherine Ryan

1-Feb-12 22:04
Bruff (Limerick), Limerick 2 Have you learned any more about the
by Clare Doyle 29-Sep-15 13:42

Catherine Ryan

1-Feb-12 22:04
Bruff (Limerick), Limerick 4 RootsIreland website
by jilajay2007 21-Feb-12 5:29

Rev Daniel Riordan

26-Jan-12 10:47
Knockainey (Limerick), Limerick 2 Thanks Mark!
by Clare Doyle 29-Sep-15 13:40

Cooke & Riordan family help

26-Jan-12 10:43
Knockainey (Limerick), Limerick 12 This might not have anything to do
by MaryTV 25-Mar-21 19:35

Looking for Ryan and Moloney connections in Ballyhobin, Ballybrood, Limerick

20-Jan-12 23:16
Ballybrood (Limerick), Limerick 6 I agree about Phillip Ryan's data -
by Carmel Murphy 2-Jun-16 5:40

Cooke Family

12-Jan-12 22:49
Knockainey (Limerick), Limerick 8 Cookes
by Retep 13-Jan-15 3:00

John Joseph Quaid- Quain -Crean Birth record

11-Jan-12 5:54
Bruff (Limerick), Limerick 9 No luck here - my families
by hartnettjr 27-Jan-15 2:20

REPOST -old place names in Knockainey parish

8-Jan-12 18:08
Lough Gur (Limerick), Limerick 3 ??Farrangoosey and Farrancaslan - old place names in knockainey
by Michael Cleary 9-Jan-12 15:39

Excavation workforce,Lough Gur, 1934

8-Jan-12 17:21
Lough Gur (Limerick), Limerick 6 Lough Gur 1934
by Michael Cleary 2-Mar-12 22:08

Patrick and Catherine (Ryan) Quain-Glenogra Cemetery and church

8-Jan-12 16:43
Lough Gur (Limerick), Limerick 4 Glenogra cemetery- Thanks
by jilajay2007 11-Jan-12 5:35

O'Donnell's on Knockderk

6-Jan-12 16:57
Knockainey (Limerick), Limerick 3 O'Donnell's on Knockderk
by Pat_J_Kennedy 8-Jan-12 17:00

Gotoon & Rutland area

6-Jan-12 14:06
Knockainey (Limerick), Limerick 3 Rutland location
by DianeDONOVAN 19-Sep-12 18:19

Dromleigh Townland, Lough Gur Parish

6-Jan-12 14:02
Lough Gur (Limerick), Limerick 7 Hi Des ? Drumleigh is the
by ainebar 19-Jan-12 22:53