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Seeking more information for the Bourkes of Murroe, Co Limerick, see below.

Great Great Great Grandfather John Bourke Born/Bap 18 June 1833  Parish Murroe , married to Mary Moore on 22 Feb 1852 St Johns parish

Great Great GrandMother Catherine Bourke Born/Bapt  Jan 1859 Parish St Johns Limerick Died 21 Dec, 1931 Chicago, Illinois

Great Great Grandfather Patrick Burke Feb 1856 Born/Bapt Parish Unknown  - Died 29 Dec 1903 Chicago, IIllinois, US

Has a sister named Alice Burke Born/Bapt Aug 1857 Parish Unknown- Died 1902


Bridget Bourke Born/Bapt 13 July 1835 Parish Murroe  Parents John Bourke/ Bridget Keily

Catherine Bourke Born/Bapt  Feb 1830 Parish Murroe Parents John Bourke /Bridget Keily

Mary Bourke Born/Bapt 14 Aug 1834 Parish St Johns  Parents John Bourke /Bridget Keily

Margaret Bourke Born/Bapt 22 March 1838 Parish Murroe Parents John Bourke /Bridget keily

Any information would be greatly appreciated!


david brown

Sunday 24th Jun 2012, 08:40PM

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  • Hi David 

    I have had a look at our records here in Murroe Parish and here is a bit of info I found on John Burke  Bap 1833 

    His parents were Michael Bourke and Winifred Ryan  they also had 4 other Children.

    - David b 02 Jan 1821

    -Patrick b 23 Jan 1823

    - Mary b 24 Jun 1825

    - Thomas b 10 Feb 1828

    Note : the mothers name for four other children is winny - Nickname for Winifred 


    I also found a marriage record For Michael and Winifred - though her name is down as Wenny  (Winny Mis spelt)

    06 Feb 1820 

    I only have the info for murroe parish so for further info on St John Parish you wold have to contact them 

    Hope this Help 






    Murroe Limerick

    Wednesday 27th Jun 2012, 06:28PM
  • Hi Aine

    Greatly appreciate your assistance! Can you also clarify if St Johns parish is a differnt location than St Johns Church of Ireland and graveyard of Knockainey?


    Thanks Again

    david brown

    Wednesday 27th Jun 2012, 11:07PM
  • Hi Aine

    Also listed from Murroe parish are the four cousins:

    • catherine
    • Bridget
    • Mary
    • margaret

    Their parents are John Bourke and Bridget Keily, would it be possible to search for their marriage liscence to see who their parents are?

    Also, on the baptismal record of these four cousins a Maurice Bourke is listed as an informant, can you confirm if he is John Bourkes brother?


    Thanks so much! 

    david brown

    Thursday 28th Jun 2012, 03:06AM
  •  St johns parish is located within Limerick city and St Johns church and graveyard in knockainey and located approx 30 mins from Limerick City!!

    Murroe Limerick

    Thursday 28th Jun 2012, 08:10PM
  • There is no record of the marriage of John Bourke and Bridget Keily in Murroe Records.This would suggest that Bridget was not from Murroe as it was the norm to get married in the Brides parish ,though there are exceptions. It is possible that they got married in St Johns Parish as they did baptise one of their children there !?

    It would be hard to confirm that they were brothers unless you could get baptismal records for both John and Maurice , I found no record of any Maurice being baptised in Murroe. Our records in Murroe ony go back as far as 1814 so it is ossible he was born before this.

    Murroe Limerick

    Thursday 28th Jun 2012, 08:21PM

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