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Looking for more information on the hishon family

hi, I am a grandchild of the late Lucy hishon, I am looking for more information on her husbands family William hishon and information would be greatly appreciated as I’m trying to find out more dig deeper into history to make a family tree


yours truly Edmond nolan  


Saturday 16th June 2018, 10:00PM

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  • Hi Edmond,

    There are 7 William Hisson Limerick baptism records on 1818 to 1880; 5 of these are from Shanagolden R C parish - 1838, 42, 73, 78 & 80

    Do you have an approximate year of birth for him?

    I couldn't find a marriage record of William to Lucy; the only Shanagolden R C marriage record for William Hisson is 1830 wife Francis Langford

    I couldn't find them in the Irish Censuses, Tithe Applotments or Griffiths Valuation I'm afraid



    Sunday 17th June 2018, 02:17AM
  • You typed the name hisson in your message the name is hishon, his wife’s name would of been Lucy McHugh, William would of came from cragard in shanagolden 

    Monday 18th June 2018, 11:05AM
  • His year of death was 1989 

    And his year of birth was 1925


    Monday 18th June 2018, 04:44PM
  • I'm getting old & silly!

    I tried Hishon and got a few results:

    The 1911 Census (free online at has this family in Craggard (William would have been born 1843)

    Residents of a house 7 in Craggard (Lismakeery, Limerick)

    Surname Forename Age Sex Relation to head Religion

    Hishon William 68 Male Head of Family R Catholic

    Hishon Ann 25 Female Daughter R Catholic

    Hishon Daniel 21 Male Son R Catholic

    Hishon Frances 20 Female Daughter R Catholic

    There is also this one from the 1901 Census with 2 Williams - the same one plus another born 1891:

    Residents of a house 1 in Craggard (Lismakeery, Limerick)

    Surname Forename Age Sex Relation to head Religion

    Hishon William 58 Male Head of Family Roman Catholic

    Hishon Ann 55  Female Wife Roman Catholic

    Hishon William 10 Male Son Roman Catholic

    Hishon Ann 15 Female Daughter Roman Catholic

    No Hishons in any of the other censuses

    Hishon Mary13 Female Daughter Roman Catholic

    Hishon Frances 8 Female Daughter Roman Catholic

    Naughton John 23 Male Servant Roman Catholic

    Naughton Tom 21 Male Servant Roman Catholic

    Naughton Hanna18 Female Servant Roman Catholic

    The Tithe Applotments have a William Hishon in Ballycormack, Shanagolden 1830. Only the address, landlord and amount paid are given - no family details

    Griffiths Valuation ( also has one:

    Family Name 1HISHON Forename 1WILLIAM Landlord Family Name 2 ROYCE ForenameThomas Location County LIMERICK Barony SHANID Union GLIN Parish SHANAGOLDEN Townland BALLYNASH (BISHOP )Place Name BALLYNASH (BISHOP)Place TypeTOWNLAND

    Publication DetailsPosition on Page35Printing Date1852Act9&10Sheet Number9,10,18Map Reference9

    If they were R C the Shanagolden R C parish baptism records only go to 1877; the Government Records Office birth records stop at 1921- just too early for 1925 (I assume you didn't mean 1825?)

    Tried Lucy McHugh 1920 + - 10 years in all counties but no luck there either



    Tuesday 19th June 2018, 11:27AM
  • Well the family of William hishon I’m looking for is 


    Birth year -1925 death year 1989

    Address would craggard house shaagolden 


    Tuesday 19th June 2018, 12:50PM
  • O K Edmond then I suggest you contact (write to or phone) the one Hishon in Shanagolden Irish phone book as she may know the family (Her address is Cregard)

    I am not permitted to post people's personal details on this site so you can get her details yourself in the Irish phone book

    google select people search, type in Hishon location Shanagolden and her details will come up

    If you have problems, give your email address and I can send her details to that





    Wednesday 20th June 2018, 03:55AM
  • Well Col,

    I have nil to do with Hisson / Hishon but want to publicly applaud the excellent service you provided in this Shsss! case.

    A top job - better than Sherlock hissh-self!

    Yours impressed,



    Wednesday 20th June 2018, 04:28AM
  • Hi my email address is if you could send me on them details it would be great 

    Wednesday 20th June 2018, 08:22AM
  • Hi,
    I am looking for a shanahan family who lived in shanakeale I think it is splelt.

    Julie or julia shanahan born 1928 died around 2000 maybe in Belfast.
    Her mother was Margaret crean.
    Your jelp tracking any of my ancestors down would be great.


    Thursday 21st June 2018, 06:29AM
  • Hi Shana,

    Shanakeale is in Kerry which has very few birth/marriage /death records

    Also, you are looking for people who were born and died recently and the records aren't yet available for those years

    I checked (no Kerry records) for Shanahan - Crean marriages & Julie/a's baptism with no success; I also tried which has Kerry records

    If Julie was born 1928 her mother Margaret would have been born around 1900; the 1911 Irish Census has this:

    Residents of a house 3 in Gortacurraun (Ballynacourty, Kerry)

    SurnameForenameAgeSexRelation to headReligion

    CreanJohanna38FemaleHead of FamilyRoman Catholic

    CreanKatie14FemaleDaughterRoman Catholic

    CreanMary13FemaleDaughterRoman Catholic

    CreanHannah11FemaleDaughterRoman Catholic

    CreanBridget9FemaleDaughterRoman Catholic

    CreanEllie6FemaleDaughterRoman Catholic

    CreanMargaret4FemaleDaughterRoman Catholic

    CreanPatrick8MaleSonRoman Catholic

    Here are the Shanahans from Shanakeal 1911 Census - no street address given







    Wsa Julia's father one of these?



    Friday 22nd June 2018, 05:30AM
  • Please stop commenting on my post as I’m getting confused with information of my family so pls stop 

    Saturday 23rd June 2018, 08:19AM
  • Hi Col and Shana. I am the IRO Liaison for Shanagolden and Kilcolman Parishes. I have to ask you two if you'd contact each other through email. This is not a forum and you've hijacked Edmund Nolan's post!

    If you'd like to post a query, Shana, please go to the parish board that your family came from. This board is for Shanagolden, Co Limerick only.

    I apologize to Edmund. I should have stepped in sooner.

    Thank you,

    Patti Hacht

    Shanagolden Limerick

    Sunday 24th June 2018, 04:42AM