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Is there  a town, village or street Comagh in Killashee, Ballymahon, Longford, Ireland?


Wednesday 25th Mar 2020, 03:04PM

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  • Hi Reets, the only townland in Ballymahon that is remotely like it is Cornacarta, on this civil map it does not show up at all, however sometimes there are known local names for a place but it usually comes up with a Google search as it will be the address of a house for sale or some such.

    The only place I see the name is in Kilbeggan in Westmeath a neighbouring county but a bit from Ballymahon. Oddly it is a road name but if so where is the place, puzzling. 

    There is a Longford Genealogy Facebook page you can join but it is not the most active.

    You can view some or all Irish maps here



    St Peters Louth, IrelandXO Volunteer

    Thursday 26th Mar 2020, 03:53PM
  • Thank you, using the townland link you provided I identified Camagh, Abbeylara, Granard, Longford as a possibility.

    I am confused though, as Comagh (or Camagh), Killashee, Longford is listed as place of residence for a few birth records in my Yorke line. I've also identified a Francis Yorke in the 1854 Griffiths at Slieve, Killashee, Longford. I also found him listed as a witness where his address is given as Slieve, Richmond, Longford. Would Camagh, Abbeylarra, Granard births been registered in Killashee?


    Thursday 26th Mar 2020, 07:06PM
  • Some of my Killashee people were baptised in Templemichael parish, Longford town. Also check Clonguish.


    Friday 27th Mar 2020, 02:09AM
  • Diane,

    Thank you for your reply. I believe I have all the available birth records for my specific line, what I am looking for is geographical perspective. I’ve identified Bryan Yorke of Taghsheenod, Abbeyderg as the brother of my ancestor Francis. I was able to make this connection thru death records for Bryan & Francis’s wife Margaret. I am hoping to either confirm or rule out Francis of Slieve as my ancestor.  Is Killashee in the same area as Abbeyderg & Slieve, Richmond?  


    Friday 27th Mar 2020, 09:56AM
  • I am coming out of retirement to answer this one - the correct spelling is Commagh - its in the parish of Moydow, Co. Longford - 3-4 miles east of Killashee . Some of Killashee is in barony of Moydow and I think some of Moydow is in Barony of Ballymahon - The land agenrs in Moydow were the Boles of Killashee! . its a bit confusing - certainly never simple. Good luck.

    Luke Baxter

    Friday 27th Mar 2020, 12:10PM
  • Luke,

    Thank you!!!  That helps immensley.


    Friday 27th Mar 2020, 08:20PM
  • Residents of Commagh Moydow who paid Tithe tax in 1828 - Pat and James Mullany, Tom McGarry, James and Tom Dowd and Mark Farrell.

    Residents in Commagh 1854 as per Griffith's Valuation - John L O Farrell, Thomas Morrow and Bridget Farrell.

    Residenrts of Commagh as per 1901 census - James Dowd, Tom x 2 and Annie Farrell. 

    Best wishes,- Luke Laxter

    Luke Baxter

    Saturday 28th Mar 2020, 12:25PM

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