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Looking for any information regarding my great great grandfather William Kerr, born or baptised 17 May 1809? Mohill, Longford and great great grandmother Bridget Burns who may have been from the same area. They had several children and he was a foot soldier who eventually settled in New Zealand. Believe they both died in New Zealand. Any information would be great fully received as we have very little facts about these ancestors. Thanks  - Sue Gordon




Monday 28th December 2015, 03:21AM

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  • Hi Sue

    This is the only record for William Kerr Longford around 1809 on

    Name:William KerrDate of Birth:

    Date of Baptism:22-Jun-1806Address:Not RecordedParish/District:LONGFORDGender:MaleCountyCo. Longford

    Denomination:Roman Catholic
    Father:John KerrMother:Letitia SlevinOccupation:Not Recorded

    Sponsor 1 /
    Informant 1:James ShovlinSponsor 2 /
    Informant 2:Ann King

    There are none for Bridget Burns around this time but there are 3 from the 1820's but none is Mohill

    I couldn't find a marriage record



    ColCaff, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Monday 28th December 2015, 07:13AM
  • Hello Sue

    Col has searched for you but I am interested as I am related to Carrs or sometimes Kerrs in Mohill, however I do not think we are related but I have not had a great deal of success with my lot as they changed names on each census but the original name appears to be Carr. However it was the Mohill Longford bit that drew my attention. Mohill is geographically in County Leitrm but in the diocese of Ardagh which covers Leitrim and Longford so I assume your people are somewhere on the county borders, I located 4 hits for Burns in the Tithe Applottments with an address as Mohill, Leitrim Longford and one of these may be your Burns which is not the common spelling, were you people RC or Protestant. See If the link does not work try here and search Burns and select County Leitrim

    There are Kerrs on this site in Leitrim but they are near Manorhamilton which is not very close to Mohill. There are also some Kerr names in Longford but I am not sure of the exact location as to Mohill.



    St Peters Louth

    Tuesday 29th December 2015, 11:42PM
  • Thanks so much for your replies, very much appreciated. Had some further info re William Kerr and Bridget. Firstly the place of baptism 17 May 1809 could have been Darver, Louth, Ireland and his parents Thos Kerr and Mary Allard.?

    I have yet to check just where Darver is located in relation to Mohill on a map.

    Also the wife may well have been Bridget Winters (not Burns) and they married 1841 but in Coldstream, Berwick, Scotland so not surprising no marriage recorded in Ireland. He would have been maybe 32 ? So I will have to do some more digging to see if Bridget was in fact Irish.  Amazing how when you start looking things just turn up!

    Evidently William enlisted with the 91st Reg Longford, Ireland 1827 aged 18 and attested(?) to the 91st Regiment of Foot Argylle Highlanders No 465. He may have served in Jamaica, St Helena,Sth Africa and India. Sounds like it was a real hard life as he was not in good health when discharged here in New Zealand. Enjoying looking at the info and pictures of Ireland as we are delving into our past relatives lives. I think your site is awesome. Many thanks - Sue



    Friday 1st January 2016, 03:22AM
  • Hello Sue

    this is strange we have gone from Mohill where my ancestors are from to Darver and I live 12 miles from Darver in County Louth. Again I am rushing but news, both Kerr and Winters are names in Louth but Winters would also be found in Scotland and Northern Ireland.

    Darver is in County Louth a rural parish and a place. Louth is a County but is for church purposes is in the dioscese of Armagh so church records will say Armagh. The birth you mention is in the RC registers for Darver on this site go to 2nd Microfiche ending in 03 and select 1809 May and Baptisms and you will see it, I do not think to mothers name is given I think that is the townland but a quicksearch of townlands in Darver did not find it. See

    There is a good genealogical site for Louth here and I see one Kerr mentioned in Dromiskin which is in Darver parish as just in the last week I was searching for someone else there. On this site there is a synopis of a book on the Wild Goose Lodge murders around this time in that area, rough stuff. The area is still fairly rural. 

    I will come back to this later but children home for New Year and life is getting in the way of hobbies.



    St Peters Louth

    Saturday 2nd January 2016, 05:55PM
  • Hi Sue

    I searched the townlands of county Louth and found Allardstown, mentioned twice on Wikipedia, it says it is in Dunbin parish but I think that also includes Darver at the time but a bit lost here and will look or ask some more or you could email our library at ask about Allardstown and location in Darver parish.

    The Allardstown near Knockbridge is not very large and appears to be in the correct parish for the record you have I mentioned to you on the RC registers previously.

    I looked in the Tithe Applottments 1823 to 1837 and Griffiths Valuation circa 1850 to 1864 but could find no exact match, there are more Carrs than Kerrs but no match either.

    I will try a search later for other children but feel fairly confident that it is Allardstown, you can find all Irish maps here you cna layer them I think and get down to Google street view or if you google Allardstown, Knockbridge property each property has a map so you can enter that way.

    Sue you can email me at rather than via the message board as it is probably quicker, I will search online records to see if any other children rather than try to read the registers without a date.

    By the way do you also have Mohill ancestors as there is an interesting site about Mohill and Lord Leitrim. 



    St Peters Louth

    Sunday 3rd January 2016, 12:04AM
  • Thanks Pat for all the new info. At least we know Mary was Not an Allard but that was her t


    Tuesday 5th January 2016, 09:38PM
  • Hi Pat will get back home and respond further, having trouble with the small screen. Thanks beeps. Sue


    Tuesday 5th January 2016, 09:40PM
  • I am also connected to a Burns family in Mohill. My g-g-grandmother, Elinor (Ellen) Ross of Clonguish Parish married a James Hayes and had three children ... James died and Elinor married my g-g-grandfather. TWO of her Hayes children married into the Mohill Burns family. Her daughter Mary Anne Hayes, b. 1828, married Athanasius Burns b. 1820. Great name, eh? He may have gone by Arthur. My g-g-grandmother's firstborn, Thomas Hayes, b. 1822, married a Sarah Burns who died in 1854. That's all I know about her.

    Are you related to these Burns family members?

    I am anxious to learn more, particularly, about Thomas Hayes who was a draper in Mohill. He seems to have taken in my grandfather and his little brother, John Ross and James Henry Lynden, when their parents emigrated to America without them. I just learned this from a note I discovered two days ago!!


    Diane Farr


    Friday 30th August 2019, 11:55PM