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Ardee Medical Hall 1839

I am writing th story of the family history of Joseph Alexander Goulding, a doctor, who lived on the premises of the Medical Hall in Ardee - i believe it was his own business.  His wife drowned in the well of the house in early 1839 after which Dr Goulding went to Tipperary and married Elizabeth Brannigan.  Does anyone know where this shop was situated please?  I found details of a road repairing contract which suggested that it was on the road to Funshog.  The job was described as the stretch of road from Dr Goulding's house to Funshog.  Also, I know that there were Branegans in the Ardee area (spelt differently from our Elizabeth B) - does anyone know if they had family in Tipperary/Waterford/Wexford?  I found a Brannigan's Cross at Collon (spelt our way) and wonder if anyone knows the origins of this please!  Thank you!


Saturday 13th April 2019, 06:19PM

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  • Hello Pamela, I live about 14 miles from Ardee but we have no volunteer there. That said I am a member of the County Louth Archaeological & History Society and they have been in existence since 1903, and while there is no mention of Dr Goulding the Ardee Dispensary Minute books from 1813 to 1851 have been reproduced and are available to view on J Stor (online library of academic journals and can be viewed or downloaded there. There is free access to members. For some odd reason I have downloaded that article myself but not read it in detail. 

    There is a very good Louth website here Google Louth Genealogical Sources if you cannot use the link. There are only 2 Goulding hits and not yours. 

    The library and archives of Louth may be of assistance here there is also a genealogy section and the archive is here

    The name Brannigan and Branigan are both found here in Louth, Goulding however is not common here. 

    The National Library have digital photos if you search Ardee however none of the medical centre. 

    The tragic death may be in the local paper and oddly for historical reasons the best subscription site is the British Newpaper Archive for this period.   Also the physcians society may have something.

    I do not know the origin of the name Brannigans Cross but probably Brannigans lived there at some point or owned the land there, it is still viewable on Google Street view between Collon and Monasterboice a few miles from Ardee, funshog is on the Ardee to Collon Road. 

    There is also a Facebook page on Louth Genealogy and someone there may be local to the area, there is also a small Ardee History group on Facebook and this appears to be an open group. 

    Will search for children now but saving this as I often lose the content when I leave.


    St Peters Louth

    Saturday 13th April 2019, 09:51PM
  • Pamela,

    I see no Goulding children born on the subscription site Roots Ireland from 1840 to 1860 with a Brannigan mother or similar. Parts of Cork are not on the site. I also searched Griffiths Valuation, a head of house register of land ownership and tenants and found no Joseph Goulding but there is an Mrs Eliza Goulding in Tipperary South, the survey was carried out in Tipperaray in 1850. 

    Good Luck with the book,


    St Peters Louth

    Saturday 13th April 2019, 10:22PM
  • Thank you Pat for such a thorough answer!

    Eliza Goulding was Josephs second wife (interestingly she maried three times and always to apothecaries!  His first wife, whom he married in Dublin, was Catherine Dowling and they had at least two children, one born 1838 but I don't know the names - possibly a Henry and a Susan..  I just have the coroner's report from the newspaper which said she died of melancholy (I think post-natal depression) as she drowned herself.  I don't think Joseph wasf there for long - I suspect that may people thought foul play and the inquest asked questionsof the servants that suggested they thought so too at the start!   From the way Caherine was behaving towards here new baby it suggests that she may have lost at least one child previously and was being over-cautious with the new baby. 

    How Joseph then ended up in Carrick on Suir Tipperary married to Elizabeth B only months later is an interesting one.  I wonder if the Brannigans in Ardee were related to her and her first .apothecary husband had just died and left her with a business to run.  Maybe they told her about Joseph's situation and maybe he felt he couldn't stay in the house in Ardee because of memories/children etc.  Interesting!

    Am planning a trip to Ardee at some point in the near future to visit graveyards and just see the town so the resources you mention will be very useful.

    Thanks again.




    Sunday 14th April 2019, 07:31AM