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I am curious to find the parents and grand parents of my 2x great grandmother Elizabeth McDermott. She married Edward (Thomas) Dullaghan in Ravensdale, but for at least 20 years raised their children and worked at sub-postmistress in #3 at the Ballymascanlan Village. I haven't found my information about my great grandfather, John Dullaghan, except at some point he moved to England where he married, and returned to Ireland about 1912 when his wife passed away with his son, my grandfather, John Dulllaghan. They lived in Drogheda.

There seem to be so many McDermotts in the area, I can't seem to find those that belong to Elizabeth. If anyone knows please let me know.

Thank You

Deborah Dullaghan

Sunday 26th Aug 2018, 12:16AM

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  • Hi Deborah, the marriage took place in 1860 in Lordship, on Christmas Day, the parents christian names are not given so difficult to pinpoint the exact Eliazabeth, there ae 7 born in Louth in the period 1830 to 1843 which is most likely years, those born later would be too young to be married and I did not search further than 1830. If we could find her actualy age it would assist but really need the fathers name to pinpoint the correct person. Witness's Ellen McDermott and Bernard McGrath.

    I see one baptism in 1830 is for Betty McDermott mother Conlon in Dundalk but as she married in Lordship I assume she was from there as that is the custom to marry in the brides parish. Oddly there are a numner of Elizabeth McDermott marriages in Lordship, an earlier one in 1852 and 1874 to a Charles Donnelly The 1852 marriage is not easlily discerible as to the husbands name but Peter Callan to me, witness's where a Thomas Rice and Rose McKenna.

    I assumed Ellen McDermott was her sister and found an 1874 marriage in Lordship to a Daniel Byrne, unfortunately this marriage does not appear to be in the civil register so not fathers name available, the witnesses were John & Catherine McDermott, if he is her brother, jumping again to conclusions with no real evidence we could search for the 3 children to see if the same parents emerge. Actually it appears as Elinar McDermott, he is a widower and she has a farmer father Matthew. He was a seaman, this is Daniel Byrne now, married in Ravensdale. Have a look in this site for the various marriages after 1864 when civil registration was introduced.


    St Peters Louth, IrelandXO Volunteer

    Sunday 26th Aug 2018, 04:10PM
  • Deborah, there was no Elizabeth McDermott born to a father Matthew so that line is incorrect. The Ellen McDermott married in Dundalk is also father Thomas with no Elizabeth born to a Thomas McDermott to suit.


    St Peters Louth, IrelandXO Volunteer

    Sunday 26th Aug 2018, 04:52PM
  • Hello Pat Hope this finds you after your Aug 2018 reply to a query re Ballymascanlan area.

    I wonder if you could help, or know someone who knows someone who might ?

    My granny Elizabeth Fegan came from Aghanaskeagh and was born around 1877 in Lancashire but often visited her family in the area at least up to the 1920's. Apart from a few Fegans there in Griffiths 1854, and her father Josephs death there in 1885 I can find no other reference to the family. The parish records on line are either unindexed or unreadable to my English eye.

    If you can help I'd be grateful to hear from you

    Best Regards


    John Cornford


    Sunday 4th Jun 2023, 09:16AM

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