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I am researching the surnames Carvill(e) (also recorded as Carroll), Casserl(e)y, Magivern and Maguire in Omeath (see attached jpg).

I will be visiting Omeath for the second time in September 2019. Last time we found out quite a lot of information about our ancestors and even tracked down and visited the house in Cornamucklagh where the Casserly family lived. It would be nice if we could get a bit further back on this visit!

James Carville (1847-1900), my great great grandfather, is said to have been a stone mason who helped to build the church in Omeath. It would be interesting to know if any relevant records exist.

I would love to hear from anyone else researching this family or anyone who can help.

Thank you.


Sunday 30th Jun 2019, 06:32PM

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  • Hello Kathryn, welcome to Ireland Reaching Out, there is no local volunteer in the area, I live about 40 plus miles away but have some knowledge of the area, was actually there today. Not sure what you are aware of since your last visit but there is a website here and some Carville photos in it too, mostly the same people but a good few photos. No Casserly and one McGivern. There is a site here for Louth but only 2 Carvill hits no Carville so the name is unusual. The 2nd hit is a donation from St John, New Brunswick, I learned from a previous poster that there was a lot of migration to there from Omeath 1820 to 1830s, a gentleman actually told me a book had been written on the matter, out of print now but he had sent a copy to Dundalk Library (main reference library in Louth) the title escapes me though. Another gentleman who proposes to visit in October tells me there are a lot of graves in New York state again forget the place of Cooley people but if you wish I can ask him as we have occassional exchanges of email. The chat should turn up under Omeath parish, you could also post in the Chronicles section. 

    As well as the Carlingford website above there is a Facebook page Louth genealogy, private group but like all these FB pages answers can be short but occassional gold. 

    The Louth Liberary and Archives may be worth mailing but it is nearly impossible for a variety of reasons to go beyond the early 1800s as the only available records are churh records pre 1864 if they exist. You can see when records  commenced here so 1835 is the earliest baptisms shown. 

    The Louth Library mail is here and archives are here, also in Dundalk.

    Hope that is some assistance to you, please revert if you have any queries and I will endeavour to assist.



    St Peters Louth, IrelandXO Volunteer

    Sunday 30th Jun 2019, 10:59PM
  • Dear Pat,

    Thank you for replying. I think I've tried most of your suggestions before. I am a member of the Louth FB page and have also used the Carlingford People and jbhall websites. On our last visit we went to the archives in Dundalk and found some relevant school and other records. I had not visited the County Council site before: presumably the database of Catholic records they mention has the same information as the NLI registers.
    New information is becoming available online all the time so I will keep trying!

    Thanks again


    Monday 1st Jul 2019, 02:38PM
  • Hello Again Kathryn, the reason I try the council sites such as the archives is there may be estate papers or some mention of those employed on projects, mind you the Hall site has a lot of that covered. The CLAHS journal is available on J Stor going bach to 1904 if you have time to peruse.

    As Omeath area is close to County Down and my own partner is from the area with Down connections I tried the Ros Davies site and there are a lot of Carvill in it too. Check under the surnames section 

    The search for new records is unlikely to turn up any BMDs and is mainly around things such as private collections relating to legal proceedings which may have been copied when used in legal proceedings etc including wills. There is a lot of work been done by volunteers on the registry of deeds, again this goes back to the 1700s but late in the century. There are currently no Carvill's there.

    Happy Hunting,


    St Peters Louth, IrelandXO Volunteer

    Wednesday 3rd Jul 2019, 10:52PM
  • Pat, thank you for letting me know about those sites. I wasn't aware of either of them and there's plenty to explore!



    Sunday 7th Jul 2019, 10:27PM

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