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Two of my great-great grandparents were married in Carlingford on February 14, 1847. Their names were Anne Malone and Matthew Carroll. Sometime in the ensuing years they went to the United States and settled in Ovid, NY. They had several children. One of their sons was named James, he named his son Matthew, presumably after his father. The younger Matthew Carroll was my grandfather. Unfortunately he died uite young before I was born. If anyone has come across Anne Malone and/or Matthew Carroll in their Carlingford research I'd love to know what you have found.


Friday 20th May 2022, 06:38PM

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  • A transcription of their 1847 marriage record notes they were married in the RC parish of Cooley, Co. LOUTH. Ann lived in Rathcor Lower. Witnesses: John Malone, Ann Carr. (From rootsireland)


    Friday 20th May 2022, 06:51PM
  • Yes, thank you, I've seen that. The only other information I have about them comes from later US Censuses.


    Saturday 21st May 2022, 10:29PM
  • Hello Maryal and Patricia, if you aer just looking for other researching the name you might like to try the private Facebook Page Louth Genealogy and if you have done DNA there has been recently set up a Louth DNA page also. There are various other FB pages of photos etc

    Also there is a webiste here containing photos of families from the area of Carlingford and the Cooley peninsula but it has recently put the photos behind a subscribtion of about $20 annually, see By the way the current US President has maternal ancestors from that area too.

    There was a lot of migration from the area from 1820 to 1830 to St John in New Brunswick, Canada. 

    I am in touch with a man who posted here some years ago and he walks in Ovid Graveyard and sends me photos of headstones that say Louth on them, 

    Malone and Carroll are common enough names in Louth, there is an interesting site about Louth here 

    Feel free to follow up if you wish.



    St Peters Louth, IrelandXO Volunteer

    Saturday 21st May 2022, 11:11PM

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