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David ROSS was born in Carlingford in about 1800.  He married Mary Ann O'HANLON on 27 May 1828.  Their first 5 children were born in Carlingford.  They settled in Quebec City in 1845 where David was a shoemaker until his death in 1866.  They had two more children in Quebec CIty before Mary Ann died of cholera in 1849.  David then married Bridget Hetherington in Quebec CIty in 1851 and had six more children.  The children married into these families: Burns, O'Malley, Quinn, Mayes, Evoy and Druhan who have descendants throughout Canada and the US. 

David ROSS's parents were David ROSS and Bridget WELSH.  Mary Ann O'HANLON's parents were Richard O'HANLON and Margaret BARDEN.  

I would like to know more about  my ROSS and O'HANLON families as well as if there were more children born to them and if there are descendants or cousins in Ireland to this day.

I will be in Carlingford in late September 2017.  I'm looking for suggestions on where I should go to find out more information about my ROSS and O'HANLON families.

Thank you for taking the time to read my post.

Linda Maguire Maitland - Vancouver, Canada

Linda Maguire Maitland

Sunday 23rd Jul 2017, 05:42AM

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  • Linda:

    Hello again!

    I checked Roots Ireland and they only had three baptismal records for children of David Ross: John 1837 Thomas 1842 David 1844  I assume you already have these records. The Carlingford RC records start in April 1835 which would explain why only three records were located. 

    You have gone back very far with your families considering the lack of available church records.

    We do not have a parish liaison in Carlingford. I will see if I can find suggestions on where to look for records in the area.

    Have you considered autosomal DNA testing?

    Roger McDonnell

    Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Sunday 23rd Jul 2017, 02:19PM
  • Hi Linda

    Roger asked me to see if I have any extra infromation but I have not a great amount, there was a query last year for O'Hanlon in Cooley but it is a common name there, historically they were Chieftains, that query is her as it will not turn up under a Hanlon search, there is a large transport compnay in the area by that name also.

    There is a site here which includes local grave references and has a contact email, also see

    On facebook there is a page Cooley Peninsula Photos Old & New, worth a look.

    A generally interesing site about County Louth is here 

    I live about 40 miles from Carlingford but go there from time to time if you have any further queries.

    I cannot find any information on a Ross family there now. There are a few hits on the Louth site some are Ross as a Christian name rather than a surname but have a search.



    St Peters Louth, IrelandXO Volunteer

    Sunday 23rd Jul 2017, 10:14PM
  • Hi Roger,

    Thank you so much for telling me about those three Ross baptisms in the Carlingford RC records.  I did not have them.  My information about the family when still in Ireland came from their family bible - I am in contact with a half 2C2R and she sent me photocopies of the pages from the bible which is in her possession.  Two of the three dates in the bible were a year off so may have been entered from memory once they went to Quebec CIty. 

    Unfortunately, my ancestor's baptism was not among the ones in the Carlingford records.  Her name is Matilda Ross and she was born on 11 December 1839 according to the family bible.  I checked both the index on Roots Ireland and the actual records for for 1838, 1839 and 1840 but no luck.

    You may be interested to know that in the Ross family bible, it is written, "David Ross and his Family left Dundalk April 8, 1845. Arrived at Quebec June 27, 1845".  Do you know if there are there any emigration records available in Dublin or Louth for that time period?

    Yes, I have had my autosomal DNA done through FTDNA and my results are on Gedmatch as well.

    Is St. Michael's Church the only RC church in Carlingford? 

    Kind regards,


    Linda Maguire Maitland

    Tuesday 25th Jul 2017, 06:26AM
  • Hi Pat,

    Thank you so much for the information about Louth that you provided.  I will check those links.

    I was surprised to see all the O'Hanlons and Hanlons in the church records.  I didnt know that they'd be so numerous there.  But very few Ross families.  I'd guess that means that my David Ross came from somewhere else?  The family bible says that his mother, Margaret Barden, died in Hull, England in April 1837.  I have no information on whether they were from there or why she was in England. 

    Do you know if St. Michael's is the only RC church in Carlingford?

    My family information says that the family left Dundalk in 1845.  Do you know if the boat would actually have departed from Dundalk?  Is it a big enough port?

    Kind regards,


    Linda Maguire Maitland

    Tuesday 25th Jul 2017, 06:35AM
  • Hi Linda

    Carlingford church is the only RC church in Carlingford, there is another church in the village of Omeath also in Carlingford parish, not sure of years of consturction, there is also a parish of Carlingford South which includes a church in Boher in Greenore and another one in Grange both in what was or  may be still Carlingford south.

    It is unlikely thye emigrated directly to Quebec from the east coast unless Belfast, Dublin or Waterford which has a large connection with the east coast of Canada but usually Nova Scotia or Newfoundland, there are ports in Carlingford, Greenore, Newry and Dundalk but most likely Drogheda (about 40 miles from Carlingford) this was the 2nd largest migration port during the famine but the destination would be Liverpool as would be from the other ports mentioned near Carlingford and onwards via Liverpool. There are no records of Ireland to England migration as it was one country to all intents and purposes administratively then, it is still a common travel area. 

    At the time boats were correspondingly smaller so Dundalk was probably possible but much more likely via Liverpool.

    I could not locate the baptisms Roger mentioned in the Carlingford register but if you have the month and year we should be able to find the townland and that will indicate where they actually lived fairly accurately, a Ross family appears in Dundalk in the website about Louth, mention of a family bible and Hull may indicate he was a Protestant or could he have been in the military.

    Will have another look at the baptisms later and maybe we can check shipping records from Liverpool.


    St Peters Louth, IrelandXO Volunteer

    Tuesday 25th Jul 2017, 03:49PM
  • Hope this helps.

    From church records.

    Felix (Phillip) Quinn and Mary (O'Hanlon,Hanlon) of Ardaghy (Liselea).

    children - Rose b. July 15, 1836.  Pat b. Oct 13, 1843.

    Rose Quinn marries Felix (Phil) Trainor May 28, 1855. Witness Felix Hanlon and Bridget Murphy.

    Felix Trainor b. abt 1826, d. 1904


    Pat Q

    Thursday 27th Jul 2017, 12:10AM
  • Hi Linda

    the registers are not very readable but I found David baptised on the 25th March 1844 and Carlingford is given as address, not an actual townland so assume they were from the town.

    The registers are here but some pages are difficul to read. As luck would have it another query has been placed today and they mention their ancestor went to Canada on a brig from Newry so that is likely your port of departure is it was available.

    I checked the Tithne Applottments for Ross and griffiths and see there were a few in Newry which is about 12 miles from Carlingford. See and…

    I see on Ros Davis site mention of a Barden in Kilkeel County Down, also mention of a more common to me spelling of Bardon and a Bardin, see…;

    I see on the Louth site I sent you a Luke Bardin mentioned as been if Carlingford in a 1978 edition of the County Louth Archiological & History Society, this would be a headstone inscription and the book is available in the library here, search louth library or I can look it up if you like but give me a bit of time as I am not in town too often, say a week or 10 days.

    I see a reply above and I think without checking that it is for the other query that appeared today as it is in Omeath. 

    If there is anything else you think I can assist with let me know.



    St Peters Louth, IrelandXO Volunteer

    Thursday 27th Jul 2017, 10:49PM

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