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Very recently obtained image of the marriage record of my gr gr gr grandfather and grandmother at Clogher Cathedral, on 22 November 1849.  William Blythe, farmer, full age, resident at Tamlaght, son of William Blythe (farmer/carpenter) was married to Anne Marshall, underage, resident at Kilualuary (?? difficult to read), daughter of John Marshall (farmer).  Witnessed by John Davison and John McCleland (Anne's mother, according to her Ontario, Canada death certificate, was Ellen McLellan).  Would like to learn more about this family, if anyone has any information.


Sunday 1st Mar 2015, 03:31PM

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  • Griffiths Valuation for 1860 lists William Blythe farming on plot 2 in Tamlaght. That was a farmhouse, outbuildings and 27 acres. Next door on plot 1c was Thomas Blythe with a dispensary, house and small garden, so it appears he was a in charge of the local dispensary. He seems likely to be related to William.

    William?s farm today is on the Springhill Rd, a minor road off the A5 Curr Rd, between Ballygawley and Omagh.

    The revaluation records show William Blythe left or died in 1865. He was replaced by John Wilson.

    The GRONI site has a death for a William Blythe regd in Clogher on 11.5.1871 aged 81. You might want to view it to see if it was your ancestor.

    You can view the certificates on-line on the GRONI website, using the ?search registrations? option:

    (You will need to open an account and buy some credits. It costs ?2 to a view a certificate).

    The revaluation show Thomas Blythe?s name remaining against plot 1c until 1906 when he is replaced by William G Blythe. This seems to be Wm G in the 1911 census:

    There?s a death for Thomas Blythe registered in Clogher 30th June 1905 aged 83. So his age might make him a brother to your William Blythe who married Anne Marshall.

    Regarding the Marshall?s townland, I wonder if it was Kilnaheery. There were two Marshall farms listed there in 1860. Robert on plot 15 with 32 acres and Mary (likely a widow) on plot 23a with 42 acres.

    1901 census:

    Some probate abstracts (summaries for these families):

    Letters of Administration of the personal estate of Patrick Marshall late of Curr County Tyrone Farmer who died 24 December 1885 at same place were granted at Londonderry to Thomas Marshall of Kilnaheery in said County Farmer the Son.

    Letters of Administration (with the Will annexed) of the personal estate of Robert Marshall late of Kilnaheery County Tyrone Farmer who died 27 April 1886 at same place were granted at Armagh to Thomas Marshall of Kilheery Farmer a Brother.

    Marshall Thomas of Kilnaheery county Tyrone retired farmer died 22 June 1904 Administration (limited Grant) Londonderry 23 December to Joseph Raulston auctioneer. Effects ?1.

    Clogher Church of Ireland records start in the 1760s. You probably would need to go through those to trace Anne & William?s baptisms, siblings etc. They don?t appear to be on-line anywhere. However there is a copy in PRONI (the public record office) in Belfast. A personal visit is required to access them.

    Ahoghill Antrim

    Sunday 1st Mar 2015, 04:51PM
  • Hi Elwyn,

    Thanks for the information you sent.  After I initially posted, I went back to scrutinize the image further, and compared with the Townland map for Clogher.  I did arrive at the conclusion it was Kilnaheery for Anne Marshall.  I have previously found the William Blythe's, senior and junior, and Thomas Blythe, in the Griffith's, but uncertain at that time, as I couldn't confirm townland, but highly suspected. Now I feel confident it is the right family. William Sr shows up in Tullanafoile on 4 acres, and William Jr is also in Tullanafoile  with another 10 acres, and also renting out a house.

    I also see Thomas in Kilnaheery, as the neighbour of a John Davidson (I'm thinking the John Davison who witnessed the marriage of William and Anne). Thomas has 3 acres of land there, and appears to be renting the house on it to an Ann Sheils.

    It appears the death record info for William, in 1871, is almost certainly William Sr. Age appears to be correct as the father, showing him as a carpenter (as seems to be also mentioned, along with farmer, in William Jrs marriage record). A Matilda Blythe is shown on the death record, and I'm assuming it would be his wife, and informant? Interestingly, William and Anne's daughter named one of her daughters Matilda.

    Haven't had a chance to check thoroughly on some of the other info you sent, but did try a search in the Revaluations and Will Indexes, but not obtaining a result - just seems to be searching interminably.

    Now hoping to find more on the Marshall and McCleland (McLellan) line in the next while. I expect I might find them, now that the search area has been narrowed down.

    Regards, and my many thanks!



    Tuesday 3rd Mar 2015, 10:30AM


    The revaluation records take a bit of getting used to.

    Matilda might be his wife but it could just as easily be a daughter or daughter in law. Is the informant's address given? That can be a clue.

    Does the death certificate say he was still married? (I can?t see a death for an adult Matilda Blythe 1871 ? 1900). If his wife was still alive, I suspect she wasn't Matilda but can't be absolutely sure.


    Ahoghill Antrim

    Tuesday 3rd Mar 2015, 11:10AM
  • Hi Elwyn

    It does state that William is married.  It appears there is an address for William and Matilda - both appear to be the same, though perhaps a slightly different spelling.  Best I can figure at this point is the Townland of Ardunshin (not far south of Tamlaght). Under Matilda's name, it seems to read "Present [??] at Death". Does state he is a carpenter - and the marriage record of William Jr and Anne Marshall appears to state that William Sr is a Farmer/Carpenter. I am attaching a file of the death record for William in 1871.  Also attaching the marriage of William Jr and Anne.

    Tried to find a death for Matilda as well, but only two children showed in the results.



    Thursday 5th Mar 2015, 09:08AM
  • Al,

    The townland looks to me to Ardunshin. The spelling can often vary. Having said, I looked in the revaluation records and cannot see William listed there in 1871 or thereabouts. So possibly he was lodging with someone there. And one of the houses is simply noted as being ?lodgers?. So he could have been living there. The townland appears to have consisted of a Threshing Mill, a school and a few cottages. Population in 1901 was 34 people. No Blythes.

    Can?t find a suitable death for Anne Blythe (nee Marshall) nor for Matilda. So am a bit stumped. I had a looked for a second marriage for William between 1849 and 1871 (in case he had acquired a second wife named Matilda). Couldn?t see any possible marriage in the Clogher area.



    Ahoghill Antrim

    Tuesday 17th Mar 2015, 05:13PM

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