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I live in the province of Quebec, Canada. My grandmother was Exilia HUGHES. She is a descendant of Thomas HUSE from Clogher, Louth, Ireland.

Thomas HUSE was born April 26, 1767 in Clogher. He is the son of Richard Huse and Catherine King. Thomas married Marguerite KEABLE September 14, 1812 at St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church in Quebec City.

Any information about Thomas HUSE and his family would ne appreciated. Thanks.

Pierre Simoneau



Wednesday 12th Oct 2016, 10:24PM

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  • Hello Pierre

    you are operating at the outer reaches of Irish records if they even exist they will be church records and I here is a link to the RC records for the parish of Clogher, A tough read if you do not have a year to search.

    I thought the name was misspelled but I see it in Ancestry and the Tithe Applottments but not in Louth. Civil records for all started in 1864 and for Protestant marriages in 1845.

    Most hits indicate they name is RC mainly in Westmeath and one in Kells about 35 miles from where you are looking.

    Protestant records are coming on line slowly here… St Peters Drogheda is nearest to Clogher about 10 miles and a lot of Hughes and King names in births.

    Flax Growers Lists of 1796 gives Kings and Hughes in Louth. Two Kings in Clogher, Hughes in Port and Termonfeckin are closest also Dunany. This site is very good for Louth.

    Termonfeckin neighbouring parish to Clogher (means rock) now mainly called Clogherheard. It has a very good history site here

    There are 3 Huse in Ireland here but not everyone recorded see

    Also this site has one Huse listed in Iowa which may interest you

    The reality is Pierre that if there is no traceable church record that is hte end of hte line unless you go the DNA route, but Irish standards you have done exceptionally well to get back to the 1700s. 

    I live about 12 miles from Clogherhead so not well up on the area. Please revert if you have any queries or further questions.


    St Peters Louth, IrelandXO Volunteer

    Friday 14th Oct 2016, 11:37PM
  • Thanks Pat,

    At the address you suggest me "RC records for the parish of Clogher, " I found at page 18,  right page, line 27, the Thomas HUSE I was looking for. He was baptized April 26, 1767. Where can I find the complete original record ?

    Also, on the left page, line 28, a Mary HUSE baptized October 23, 1765. She is the daughter Pe... (possibly Peter or Patrick) and Mary Obsyan.

    Next reading, marriages.

    Pierre Simoneau


    Tuesday 18th Oct 2016, 08:08PM
  • Pierre

    I am impressed you read through the registers and came up trumps (wonder will that word become politically incorrect now), you are very lucky to have church records that far back for RC, I cannot locate some in the 1870s. 

    Most RC registers are in the possession of the National Library (NLI) but they are the origonal record as there were no civil RC records until 1864, so even if you went to the NLI and could get to see the register all you will see is what you found. A huge amount of Irish National records were destroyed during the civil war and the war of independence 1920 to 1923. That is why only local records in the main are available. I looked at the Hearth Money Rolls for Louth in 1664 and teh Down Survey 1640 and 1670 but found no Huse. If you want the links I will send them. NLI is here

    I searched the census of 1901 and found a 17 year old Richard Huse living with an aunt in County Down but he was born in Scotland, also if you select 1831 on drop down menu (default is 1911) there are 18 Huse in Londonderry.

    For a number of years we have been buying our winter fuel from a company in Drumcar (near Clogher) called King Coal which I had assumed was a Coal is King type of name but learned from our recent delivery it is owned by a King family. They do not appear to have a website.

    Louth Libray and Archives are here but doubt there will be more to find. See and 

    For now Pierre I have dealt with a query this year from a man in Quebec who I think lives down the St Lawrence from Montreal, the name he was researching was a McInroo (actuallly less of them than Huse) crossed my mind as he was querying the same area of Louth as you are, nearer the King area and around the same time period, I wonder if there was a sort of movement of a number of families around the same time for some reason or am I joining dots just because I can.

    Let me know if you have any more queries or if you ever decide to visit I can advise on transport or places to stay etc.

    Good Luck,


    St Peters Louth, IrelandXO Volunteer

    Thursday 20th Oct 2016, 10:16PM

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