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Hi Everyone!

Margaret Markey was my gg grandmother. She was a native of Drogheda who travelled 

to the USA and wed my gg grandfather, Patrick Murphy, (Dunderk, Rathkenny, Meath) 

in New Orleans on 18 Oct 1850. 

Margaret passed on 7 Dec 1890. Her obituary stated that she was 62 yrs at the time.

So, am guessing she was born sometime around 1828. According to

there was a Margaret Markey born to Joseph Markey and Eliza Byrne and baptized

on 16 Nov 1828 in the parish of Dunleer. Margaret may have had brothers, Joseph and John

and a sister, Mary. 

Any information about Margaret, her travel to USA is greatly appreciated.


Best Regards,


William Tyree




Wednesday 4th Jun 2014, 11:44AM

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  • Dear William

    Welcome to Ireland Reaching Out!

    Can I ask where Drogheda fits in, do you have a record referring to Drogheda or is it family knowledge that leads you to believe Drogheda may be a place of origin? Drogheda and Dunleer parish records begin at different times and are separate RC parishes.


    Clare Doyle

    Genealogy Support 

    Clare Doyle

    Tuesday 10th Jun 2014, 02:02PM
  • Dear Clare,

    Attached is an obituary for Margaret Markey from the New Orleans Times-Picayune of 14-Dec-1890.
    (scroll down it is outlined in a red box)
    The obituary states that she was a native of Drogheda, County Louth.
    Am guessing this is family knowledge. The obituary is my only source thus far.

    Many Thanks,

    William Tyree


    Tuesday 10th Jun 2014, 03:14PM
  • Dear William

    Records for St. Peter?s, Drogheda begin in 1744 for baptism and 1804 for marriages. There are some gaps though, for various times, on and off between 1757 and 1815 for baptisms and 1805 and 1818 for marriages.

    I had a look on but I couldn?t see a marriage record for a Margaret Markey and Patrick Murphy. There is one baptism for a child, Patrick, born to a Patrick Murphy and a Margaret Markey in 1846 in Co. Meath. As this is a subscription site I am limited in what I can see. It might be a good idea to have a look to see if this record is relevant. Perhaps they married before the date you have and not in 1850?

    Let me know what you think

    Best wishes

    Clare Doyle

    Genealogy Support 

    Clare Doyle

    Thursday 12th Jun 2014, 11:22AM
  • Hi Clare,

    I did look at the record for Patrick Murphy (b. 11-Aug-1846) whose parents are Patrick Murphy
    and Margaret Markey. This is interesting because a marriage record for the parents is not on file.
    Doesn't mean they weren't married and doesn't mean they were married. What is fact is that a couple
    named Patrick Murphy and Margaret Markey had a son named Patrick in County Meath.

    Of the recods I've been able to collect from New Orleans, LA, here is what I know:

    1. Margaret Markey Murphy's obituary states that she was 62 y/o in 1890 (implies year of birth 1828)
    2. Patrick Murphy's obituary states that he was 64 y/o in 1888 (implies year of birth 1824)
    3A. In the 1860 census Margaret's age is listed as 32 (implies year of birth 1828)
    3B. In the 1860 census Patrick's age is listed as 32 (implies year of birth 1828)
    3C. In the 1860 census there is no child with name Patrick listed under Patrick and Magaret Murphy.
          (implies that young Patrick - age 14 - was not living with his parents in NOLA at the time)
    3D. Children listed in 1860 census are: Margaret B. Murphy (9); Mary A. Murphy (6);
          Joseph P. Murphy (4); James Murphy (8 mos.)

    4A. In the 1870 census Margaret's age is listed as 45 (implies year of birth 1825)
    4B. In the 1870 census Patrick's age is listed as 50 (implies year of birth 1820)
    4C. In the 1870 census are the same children from 1860 with one addition: Cathrine (6)
    4D. Mary Murphy (age 60) is listed on the 1870 census. (implies some relative of Patrick).

    5A. In the 1880 census Margaret's age is listed as 50 (implies year of birth 1830)
    5B. In the 1880 census Patrick's age is listed as 50 (implies he didn't age much since 1870)
    5C. In the 1880 census children listed are: Joseph (23); James (21); Katie (16).

    Also found one Patrick Murphy (age 22 and born in Ireland) marrige record to wife Catherine
    on 12-Mar-1868 in Boston. Patrick's parents are listed as Patrick and Margaret Murphy.
    No age given for parents.


    To Summarize:
    Margaret's average year of birth is 1827.75 or about 1828 - which is why I use this year as a base.
    Patrick's average year of birth is 1825.5 or about 1826.

    Best Regards,

    William P. Tyree



    Thursday 12th Jun 2014, 02:41PM
  • Hi William

    It does seem that there is no parish marriage record for Patrick and Margaret. At least though, with the baptism above, which I think is relevant to your search, you have gathered another piece of information.

    If you learn anything new let us know, our volunteers may be able to assist further at that stage.

    Best wishes


    Genealogy Support  

    Clare Doyle

    Tuesday 17th Jun 2014, 08:27AM

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