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My great-grandparents Hugh and Bridget O'Reilly apparently were posted to Louth with the Royal irish Constabulary in the 1860s. They must have lived in Termonfeckin, as several of their children were baptised there over a decade. I would appreciate any help in finding records, newspaper accounts or local histories that might mention the Constable.


Thanks you


Pat Reilly

Tuesday 25th Nov 2014, 05:30PM

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  • Hi Pat

    there is a site here for Termonfeckin with a message board but I could find no mention of O'Reilly.

    See A site for Louth which is very good is here but again no mention of O'Reilly RIC. See

    There is a book listing all RIC members with their numbers and a query to here may get you the information See There may be a nominal charge but less than $10 would cover it.

    A query to the police museums in Dublin and Belfast may yield some results on the constable and I understand if you visit their notebooks are available to peruse. See also there is a charge of ?25 here for a lot of information, that would be about $40. I see actually the originals are held in London.

    I see on the Termonfeckin site the police barracks was burned in an IRA attack in 1922 but he was long gone by then. Termon means well and so it is te well of St Feckin.

    One year ago there were a series of lectures in Dublin on the RIC and they can be accessed here.




    St Peters Louth, IrelandXO Volunteer

    Tuesday 25th Nov 2014, 11:10PM
  • Pat:


    Thank you for the quick and thorough reply. You are a credit to Reaching Out. I have been in touch with the NI police museum and they were helpful in finding a record, but it was very sketchy. I will definitely get in touch with London on those notebooks, that would be quite a find. 

    I enjoy reading about the RIC as it was a different kind of policing then.

    I will include Termonfeckin on my next visit to Ireland. It sounds like a lovely place.


    Thanks again,


    Pat Reilly

    Wednesday 26th Nov 2014, 11:27PM

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