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My great grandmother X 2 was from Dromiskin. Her name was Margaret Ann Boylan Born: 24th May 1860 to James Boylan and Margaret Ann Murphy.

I believe I found her father James in the Griffiths Valuation under Dromiskin in Moorestown although I'm not 100%.

Any other Boylan from Dromiskin out there?

Best wishes



Tuesday 28th Feb 2023, 02:24PM

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  • RootsIreland shows the following children born to James Boylan and Margaret Murphy in the RC parish of Darver (now Darver/Dromiskin):

    • Boylan   Pat         1842      Co. Louth           
    • Boylan   Cath       1846      Co. Louth           
    • Boylan   Thomas 1851      Co. Louth           
    • Boylan   Andrew 1856      Co. Louth           
    • Boylan   John       1858      Co. Louth           
    • Boylan   Margt    1860      Co. Louth

    Griffith’s Valuation of Louth was completed in 1855. It is apparent that James Boylan was living in Dromiskin at that time.  Not sure why you doubt he is the one in Griffith’s?

    I hope this is helpful.


    Tuesday 28th Feb 2023, 05:13PM
  • Thank you Patricia.

    I just wasn't sure if there was maybe another James Boylan that either hadn't been on that list or maybe had moved nearby.

    Do you think there is anything else that I can discover anywhere about them?

    Best wishes



    Tuesday 28th Feb 2023, 05:26PM
  • You might look at the Tithe Applotments and the Flax Growers List of 1796.

    Look at all birth/baptism, marriage, and death records, if you have not done so.

    Look at obituaries, wills, headstones.

    Search old newspapers (IrishNewsArchive) for mentions of the family.

    Research the witnesses at weddings and baptisms.

    I hope this helps.


    Wednesday 1st Mar 2023, 01:31AM

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