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Landrum Family

Hi, I'm researching my family history and have found Irish ancestors from this parish. However, I've struggled to find Irish records and I'd like to go further back and possibly find older relatives. The oldest relative I have found is my 4th great-grandfather John William 'Wilkes' Landrum. He was born in 1821 in Burrishoole, Mayo, his father, John, was 35. He had three sons and one daughter with Jane Renolds between 1852 and 1864. Their names were John Landrum, James Landrum, Margaret Landrum and Alexander Landrum. He died in June 1886 in Liverpool, Lancashire, at the age of 65. I'd greatly appreciate any help in finding out more information about my Irish relatives. 

Thank you,



Friday 17th March 2017, 03:10PM

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  • Rebecca:

    Welcome to Ireland Reaching Out!

    You didn't mention the religious denomination of the Landrums but baptismal records for the C of I parish and the RC parish start in the 1870s. If they were C of I we may be able to locate a marriage record. I did locate the 1855 Griffiths Valuation head of household listing for Burrishoole parish and there was a John Landrum living in Bleachyard townland.

    Roger McDonnell

    Castlemore Roscommon

    Friday 17th March 2017, 03:27PM
  • Thanks for your help. Unfortunately, I don't know what religion the family was. I'm not sure how I would go about finding this out.



    Friday 17th March 2017, 06:40PM