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MAGUIRE family of Newport area


I am searching for a missing cousin in one of my families.  John Joseph Maguire born in Westport on 2 March 1896.  He is the son of John Maguire and Emily Cullinan (my cousin) along with 3 sisters.  His father John served in the RIC and retired in Newport in 1916/17.  He is still there in 1921/2 when his RIC pension records run out.  He eventually died in 1940 in England while living with his daughter (and wife)

I already have documents for:

1. Marriage of John Maguire and Emily Cullinan 

2. Birth of John Joseph Maguire & his three sisters.

3. 1901 (Westport) and 1911 (Newport) -census for this family

4. Death information on father John, mother Emily and the three sisters. (Emily and daughters died in southern CA, USA).

His 3 sisters died without children but had married later in life.

So, the last I can locate of John Joseph Maguire age 15 is the 1911 census and I am trying to find out what happened to him after that.  I have searched for a marriage and a death (The Joseph Maguire  (RIC) of Westport in 1921 is not him)

Thank you for your assistance guidance and ideas.


Cal Gal

Friday 6th September 2019, 07:50PM

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  • Thank you Miriam,

    I did not find John Sr in England in the 1939 register. He as very likely still in Ireland with his wife Emily. Only his daughter Emily Maguire is found in 1939 register who was a nurse employed by a Fullerton family in Bexhill, Sussex, England.


    Emily Maguire married Herbert Robins in 1946.  He was quite a bit older and probably her patient (a guess).  He died in 1948.

    The children of John Maguire and Emily Cullinan 1871- 1954 died in California

    John Joseph b. 1896- ???

    Kathleen Anna b. 1898 d. 1989 in California (also was a nurse)

    Mary Florence b. 1902 d. 1970 in California

    Emily b 1904 d. 1993 in California

    See Maguire Family.jpg attached to my first message.


    Are there any records known to exist from the 1910-1940 time period such as city directories, phone books for the Newport area?  Newspapers of the time which might mention John Joseph Maguire or his family?

    Thank you!!


    Cal Gal

    Wednesday 18th September 2019, 05:36PM
  •  The Maguire were in house 19 Medlicott St Newport in the 1911 census. Joyces were in No 1 and we know where they were, so Maguires must have been at the other end. There is a detailed report   of volunteer activity in Newport during the the Easter Rising in 1916, people were keeping out of sight of the RIC it seems unlikely the Maguires were there at that stage or they would have been mentioned. There was a Joseph Maguire from Co. Fermangh killed near near Newport in 1921, that was definitley not your Joseph.

    Many young men with RIC connections joined the British army during the 1st World War. he does not appear on the list of Mayo people who died. If the family were in another county he will probably be a casualty in that county. He might appear as an army pensioner. He might also have  emigrated to USA or Australia. An obituary of his parents  or his sisters might mention him if he was still alive.

    Sean Cadden


    Tuesday 24th September 2019, 10:35AM