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My spouse, Tom Carey, is the great grandson of Patrick S. Carey who was born in Belmullet about 1832.  Patrick is either the son or brother of John Carey who ran the Erris Hotel in Belmullet.  Bryan Carey built the Blacksod Lighthouse in the 1860s.  Patrick Carey moved to Dublin and managed two hotels in Dublin, the City Mansion Hotel at 30 Bridge St. and later the George Hotel in College St. .  He was arrested in the 1860s and imprisoned for Fenian activities.  Patrick married Rose Bracken from County Longford.  We believe they came to Canada and ultimately to the US in the 1880's, settling in Chicago.  Their 5 children came with them; John (or Patrick), Thomas, Ellen (or Helen), Mary and Rose.  They may have come on a ship out of Blacksod in the 1880's.   

John Carey and Bryan Carey's father was Robert Carey who we believe came from Tonemace.  We believe the family owned land in Glenturkmore or Glenturkbeg.  Also, we think they owned property on Pickle Point, Belmullet.  

Patrick S. Carey was under surveillance by the British when he traveled north to Glenturkmore.  We found the records of this in the National Archives.  We think he may have been somehow caught up in the Pheonix Park murders, as he is mentioned in a newspaper report. However, we find nothing of him in histories of the Pheonix Park murders.  The family lore is that he was forced to leave the county on very short notice.  It is at this time in the 1880s that he stops running the George Hotel and by 1900 they are in the census records in Chicago.  

We've visited Belmullet and found out a lot about the local history, and also done some research at the Nation Library and at the National Archives.  We also met with a couple of wonderful local genealogists in the Belmullet area who were helpful with history.  However, we have not found any descendants of the family.  We don't know if there were any other siblings of John and Bryan.  We are unclear as to whether Patrick S. Carey was their brother or the son of John Carey.  We don't know if Patrick had any siblings.  Any help on locating descendants of John and Bryan who might be related to Patrick would be lovely.  Thank you.  



Thursday 1st March 2018, 01:46AM

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  • Charlene:

    Welcome to Ireland Reaching Out!

    We have a parish liaison for Kilcommon Erris. I will notify her that you have posted a message. Let me know if you have not heard back in two weeks or so.

    Roger McDonnell

    Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Thursday 1st March 2018, 02:54AM
  • Thank you. 


    Saturday 3rd March 2018, 01:51AM
  • Hello Roger and Charlene,

    My name is Shane Carey and I live in Philadelphia, PA USA and I just joined Ireland Reaching Out. I was in Ireland in the Summer of 2016 and believe it or not I trace my ancestry back to a Patrick Carey (I have no middle initial) born in the townland of Monaghrory, Erris, County Mayo right outside of Belmullet in 1836. My great-great grandfather Michael Carey came over with his brother John Carey and parents Patrick and Mary (Tighe) and moved to Schuykill County in Pennsylvania in 1870 during the height of the Molly Maguire era in the Pennsylvania Coal Region (along with the Phoenix Park Murders it seems like the Careys like to stir up some trouble!) My great-great grandfather actually became the head of the Schuykill County AOH about 20 years after the alleged Molly Maguires were executed so we have not been able to find out if Patrick himself was involved, but we wouldn't be surprised. I also assume that the Carey's mentioned above by Charlene are probably related to my part of the clan as well!

     I was able to obtain this information while visiting the North County Mayo Heritage Center in Enniscoe, Castlehill, Ballina, Co. Mayo. Once we realized they were from Belmullet I wanted to go visit to find out more, but was unable to break away for that long from the tour I was on. The parish was named Kilmore Erris in the book assembled by the North County Mayo Heritage Center (I assume thats the same as Kilcommon Erris? since Kilmore didnt show up on this website). 

    Long story short Charlene and Roger it seems that you guys were able to glean some great information and resources about the Carey's from Bellmullet. I am planning on going to Ireland later this year and renting a car to visit Belmullet and Erris as well as Donegal (my mothers family, the Dougherty's) and would truly appreciate any recommendations to find out more about my family's history and even possible distant relations in the area if possible! The local genealogists that you speak of as well as the Parish Liason is that something that I can be involved in as well? I am planning on visiting in late summer/early fall around the US Labor Day holiday. 

    I apologize about the long reply but anything would help!



    Shane Carey 

    Shane Carey

    Thursday 28th March 2019, 06:08PM
  • Shane:

    I responded to your John Dougherty/Mary Monaghan message.

    The townland you mention is Manraghrory and it is in Kilmore civil parish which is in the northwest corner of Mayo to the west of Kilcommon civil parish. Both parishes are in Erris barony.


    Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Thursday 28th March 2019, 11:19PM
  • Shane:

    My guess is that your Patrick was different than our Patrick, but they may be related to each other.  Lots of Patrick Careys up there.  Don't know if you have already gone to Belmullet.  However, you should go to the B\lack Sod heritage center on the peninsula.  Rose Marie, who runs the heritage center in the small village about half way down the peninsula may have information for you.  Also, ask her if you can contact Phil, who is an amazing geneologist.  Rose Marie will know how to contact Phil.  We found Phil through the Belmullet tourist bureau in town, just by chance.  

    We now know that Patrick S. Carey was a brother of John and Bryan.  We found his wedding records in Dublin.  Still trying to find out if there are any branches of that family still living around Mayo somewhere. 

    We are in Detroit, Michigan.  If you find out more from your trip, we should talk by phone when you return.  Not sure how one puts personal contact information on this site.  

    YOu should stay at Hannah's B&B at the foot of Black Sod peninsula.  It's wonderful.  Ah! I just realized your email is on here.  I'll copy and past this into and email to you.  I don't look at this site as often as I should so I just saw your email.  





    Friday 21st June 2019, 04:56PM
  • My family were Careys from Aughadoon, in the NW of the Belmullet peninsula. My mother, Kathleen, is the last remaining Carey sibling born in Belmullet and reared in the family home. Her father was Patsy Carey and the main point of my post is that Patsy told his family about the link to Bryan and John Carey, they were his grand uncles and he would have known them. My grandfather was born in 1880 and Bryan Carey died in 1896.

    My grandfather, Patsy, was the grandson of Robert Carey who was the eldest brother of Bryan, John and Patrick. My guess is Robert stayed in Aughadoon to look after the farm whilst Bryan and John became successful merchants in Belmullet.

    I had the pleasure of meeting Shane Carey, from Philadelphia, last year. And Helen Keogh from Long Island, another Carey descendant, a few years earlier.

    I moved back to Belmullet with my family in 2018 and live on the farm in Aughadoon. The old stone cottage (dated1691) and stone barns, that the Careys would have been familiar with, are still in use and it's nice to think that they have a historical link to Bryan, John, Patrick and all the other Carey descendants who passed through their doors over the years.

    Tuesday 4th August 2020, 09:24PM