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Langan in Ratheskin

1-Aug-21 0:15
Ireland XO Community, Kilfian (Mayo) 2 Kilfian volunteer contacted.
by Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘ 1-Aug-21 16:36

Michael (Mikle) Golden family

28-Jul-21 21:35
Ireland XO Community, Mayo, Kilfian (Mayo) 7 My great-great grandfather was
by Tom Golden 28-Sep-21 20:33

McHales of Ballyduane Kilcon

13-Aug-20 7:26
Ireland XO Community, Kilfian (Mayo), Mayo 5 Roger,, This is outstanding - many
by LiamK 19-Aug-20 9:10

Preston Family

12-Aug-20 21:32
Ireland XO Community, Mayo, Kilfian (Mayo) 5 Sorry should have said Carol haha
by Rosaleen Jaleel 8-Feb-21 21:13

Carrigan ancestry in Co.Tipperary < 1850

27-Apr-20 12:10
Ireland XO Community, All 3 Thank you, M/M McCoy for the
by Tayt Taylor 29-Apr-20 12:02

Judge and Kelly/Kelley ancestors of Kilfian Parish

2-Dec-16 21:38
Kilfian (Mayo), Mayo 8 the Kellys in calliaghadoo , thomas
by powerofcake 28-Apr-19 14:08

Morans in Kilfian

28-Nov-16 18:46
Kilfian (Mayo), Mayo 9 Mary,
by Kilcummin Mayo 3-Dec-16 20:52

Kilfian in Michigan

11-Aug-15 13:34
Kilfian (Mayo), Mayo 8 I have a complete history of the
by jkgolden64 18-Mar-20 18:01

Looking for McAndrew relatives

5-Oct-14 1:33
Kilfian (Mayo), Mayo 2 McAndrew Relatives
by Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘ 5-Oct-14 15:20

Looking for McAndrew relatives

5-Oct-14 1:31
Kilfian (Mayo), Mayo 6 Same Interest
by Mark Thompson 12-Feb-15 14:31

Gillespies from Addergoole to ScrantonL

19-Aug-14 16:46
Kilfian (Mayo), Mayo 6 Gillespie
by Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘ 25-Aug-14 17:01


26-Jun-14 20:11
Kilfian (Mayo), Mayo 7 Some other sources:Flax
by Kilcummin Mayo 30-Jun-14 23:58


12-May-14 17:54
Kilfian (Mayo), Mayo 4 Your Kind Assistance
by jarms 24-Aug-14 17:48

Reaching out on behalf of my North Mayo anccestors

14-Dec-13 16:52
Kilfian (Mayo), Mayo 3  
by Steven McDonald 2-Dec-16 18:51


24-Nov-13 1:47
Kilfian (Mayo), Mayo 4 A great website, I would like to
by Pasu 9-Sep-21 15:47