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I have been researching my Irish ancestors for many, many years.  I have taken the DNA test and found many relatives.  My mother's side is the Irish side.  I took the mtDNA and have made a few connections.  All of the matches are from Co. Mayo.  But, no one knew where.  I recently had another match in my mtDNA.  That family I have found to also come from Co. Mayo.  All 6 connections have Moran as the surname for the females.  This recent connection I was able to narrow down to the parish.  This is a very big find for me.  I don't know if I can learn any other information on the family, but, I would be greatly appreciative if someone could help me.  The Moran that is from this parish is Mary Moran.  She was married to Pat Farrell.  They had three children:  Francis, 1828, Rose, 1831 and Margaret, 1834.  I have all their baptism info.  I would love to learn anything about Mary Moran.  She is my connection to my GG Bridget Byron.  If anyone could help me, I would be forever grateful.

Thank you,

Mary Sparks

New York

Mary Murtagh Lorenz

Monday 28th November 2016, 06:46PM

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  • Mary:

    Welcome to Ireland Reaching Out!

    The Kilfian RC records are only available for 1826-1844 (1826-1836 for baptisms)  I checked on Roots Ireland and was not able to find the marriage record. I looked at one of the baptismal records and it showed Breaffy as the townland and I'm wondering if the townland was either Breaghwyanteean or Breaghwyanurlaur both in Kilfian parish.

    The 1855/1856 Griffiths Valuation head of household listing for Kilfian parish shows a Francis Farrell in Breaghwyanteean and possibly that is the 1828 Francis.

    The 1901 census shows two Farrell families in Breaghwyanteean possibly sons of the 1828 Francis.

    Roger McDonnell

    Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Monday 28th November 2016, 08:00PM
  • Thank you.  I was hoping to find more on Mary Moran, Pat Farrell's wife.  I will keep on searching.

    Thank you again,


    Mary Murtagh Lorenz

    Tuesday 29th November 2016, 04:58PM

    Hi Mary

    I take it that the info you obtained on Mary Moran and her family is from Irish baptism records for kilfian RC parish? Or have you other records ? How do you know she is from a Kilfian? As Roger indicated he cannot trace a marriage record probably as it was before the extant records or she is from another parish and married there

    It is almost certain that you will not find any more info on Mary than what you have. Pre Famine catholic records for tenant farmers is scarce and almost non existent for the women   - unless you can trace a later 19th c death record or if any of the immediate family emigrated and left a record overseas  

    What specifically did you want to learn of Mary Moran if not info on her husband or children ?

    Liam A 



    Moygownagh Mayo

    Tuesday 29th November 2016, 07:36PM
  • Hi Liam,

    I was hoping to learn a connection of my GGgrandmother, Bridget Byron(Beirne, Barron, Barrane, Berne).  She was 17 when she left Co. Mayo for Leeds, England in 1848.  She was with her father, Martin and 3 sisters.  Her mother had passed at the time of emigration to Leeds.  I only know of Co. Mayo from the census records in Leeds.  I never knew what town in Mayo until the mtDNA results came in.  I have 6 matches directly related to me through the Co. Mayo.  The Moran surname is the connection.  Martin, Bridget's father, was married to "Mary", no surname.  How I know that is he remarried in Leeds.  The mtDNA connections have their Mary Moran married to a Bernard Kneafsey( nefcy, neafsey).,  leaving Mayo around the same time but to America. Then a Pat Farrell married to a Mary Moran.  Their children came to the US in 1859ish.  I probably am connected to these families another generation back.....which would make it close to impossible to ever know the connection.  It would be another surname that I don't even know.

    I was hoping to find any information that would explain the connection to the DNA matches.

    I appreciate your reply.  And, I know that Irish records are limited.

    Thank you again,


    New York

    Mary Murtagh Lorenz

    Thursday 1st December 2016, 03:25PM

    Hi Mary,

    I suggest a way to trace is through your g-grandmother's father Martin. Can you give me the spelling of his surname as you find them in the records in order of date? 

    Also the names of the first  family may help as names replicate in families through Generations.

    Was there any indication of any locaised place within mayo at all? Their port of emigration even? A distant cousin who was rumored to live there for example? Or where your American relatives may have originated from? 


    Moygownagh Mayo

    Friday 2nd December 2016, 01:12PM
  • Mary (and anyone else on this thread),

       I have Langan/Hoban ancestors in Mayo.  I have several DNA kits that match Morans, Langans, Hobans and others:

         GEDmatch #     Name

         A859294         Steven Paul McDonald (Me)
         T830147         Thomas McDonald (Uncle)
         T611413          James McDonald  (Uncle)

      Let me know where your atDNA results are located.  I have tested on AncestryDNA, FTDNA and 23and me.


       Steve McDonald (

    Steven McDonald

    Friday 2nd December 2016, 06:46PM
  • Hi Moygownagh Mayo:  The problem with Martin born appx 1805, Co. Mayo is that his accent when he arrived in Leeds in 1848, his surname was written: Byron, Barrone, Barron.  It actually could even be Beirne, Burn, Berne.  He had 4 daughters with him. all born in Co. Mayo, Bridget, 1833, Mary, 1836, Ellen, 1840, Margaret, 1843.  Martin remarries in Leeds and with that marriage record, I learned Martin's father was Patrick and his mother Mary.  When the church records became available, I searched every church without success.  I haven't be able to learn the townland.  I followed all the sisters.  The youngest had written her mother as Catherine McGowan, Martin's second wife.  I can understand that since Catherine is probably the only one she remembers, but I have to tell you when I received that doc, I was so disappointed.  As the connections with the Moran surname, it has to be through my maternal lines.  It is a mtDNA connection: Bridget's mother, her mother, her mother, etc.  So there is a Moran in there somewhere.

    Steven McDonald:  I just checked my mtDNA and my Ancestry DNA and cannot find a Steven McDonald.  What is your username for Ancestry?  I'm curious, were the results different with the ethnicity results with Ancestry and 23and me?

    Mary Sparks

    New York

    Mary Murtagh Lorenz

    Friday 2nd December 2016, 07:48PM
  • Mary,

    Moran and Langan are fairly common surnames in Mayo. Is there a reason that you think they were from Kilfian? Or do you just know that they were from Mayo, and you are looking for the Parish & Townland?

    Luann, I also check and I don't have a match with you or your dad.


    John Loughney

    Kilcummin Mayo

    Saturday 3rd December 2016, 08:52PM