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Hyland of Derrybeg near Kiltimagh

My mother's mother was Mary Hyland from Derrybeg near Kiltimagh. The last relative we know of was Mark Hyland. He and his parents (my grandmother's brother) are buried in Kiltimagh cemetery. I visited summer 2016 and found the graves. However, no one in Kiltimagh seemed to know where Derrybeg was. A couple of people had a vague recollection of it and it's obviously defunct now. However, I'd like to see it. Does anyone here have any knowledge of this area?


Saturday 12th August 2017, 11:55AM

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  • Kitty:

    Welcome to Ireland Reaching Out!

    We have a parish liaison for Killedan parish and I will alert her about your message. Let me know if you have not heard back in ten days or so.

    Roger McDonnell

    Saturday 12th August 2017, 02:11PM
  • It's now September 2 and I leave for Ireland in 10 days. I had hoped to hear something before I leave. Last year we stopped in Kiltimagh and asked but no one seemed to know where Derrybeg was or had been. Then we found someone who had a vague idea of the direction from town. Derrybeg shouldn't be too old for someone to recall. On my cousin Mark's grave in Kiltimagh Cemetery, it show's him to have been from Derrybeg and that he passed away in 2000-something (don't quite recall exact year).  I'll ask again when we get there, but I had hoped to be better prepared.

    Saturday 2nd September 2017, 12:37PM
  • Kitty:

    Sorry you did not hear back. I can try to assist. Derrybeg is obviously a place name in the area but not an official townland. When did Mary Hyland marry so I can look up the marriage record.? 


    Sunday 3rd September 2017, 02:27PM
  • Kitty:

    Here is a parish newsletter and they were praying for someone from Derrybeg. Why don't you e-mail the parish office and ask them. Please send me info on May Hyland.



    Sunday 3rd September 2017, 02:33PM
  • Roger,

    Thank you for your efforts. Mary Hyland left Ireland in the early 1900s and married James Morrissy of Tipperary Town in Chicago Illinois, so there'd be no further record of her in Ireland.  Her brother James Hyland and his wife Margaret had a son Mark and they all lived out their lives in or near Derrybeg as near as I can tell. James Hyland died in 1979, his wife passed in 1965 and Mark in 1996 (see photos) Grave markers don't seem to show birthdates as they do here, just deaths.  I'll try checking with the church.

    Meanwhile, I've been trying to think of someway to place some peranent adornment on my granuncle's grave when we get there. Mark's grave is simple but James' and Margaret's is more than austere, to the point of having been totally forgotten. It's a flat slab out in the open unlike Mark's which is in a row with an edging around the stones covering it. Anything placed on Jame's grave would just slide off and there's no way to attach anything.  Ideas?


    Monday 4th September 2017, 12:04PM

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  • Kitty:

    The 1923 marriage record shows James living in Cleragh townland. There is no Cleragh but I'm wondering if it was actually Treannaglearagh.


    Tuesday 5th September 2017, 10:29PM
  • Roger,

    Thank you for locating that document. I'll look into Treannaglearagh.   I don't know the given name of Mary & James' father. It's obviously some sort of abbreviation of a common name but I can't make it out. Looks like Inl.  Many thanks!


    Wednesday 6th September 2017, 11:20AM
  • ML  for Michael

    Thursday 7th September 2017, 05:00PM
  • Thank you. I can see the ML now but the M is so very different from the M in Mark, the bride's father, that it just didn't occur to me. Odd that a clerk would have different writing styles for the same letter.

    My sister has found a couple of Michaels that may match up in Ballynamona townland, so I will look into that.


    Friday 8th September 2017, 11:20AM
  • Kitty, Mark and May Hyland were neighbors of my grandparents James Gormally and Catherine (nee Mellett). They lived in Derry Beg, Cleragh, Kiltamagh, Co. Mayo  I have a piece of a letter May wrote to my Mother. Mom had repurposed the card, but I see it was printed in 1982. May wrote a thank you for a Christmas card, that it was quiet and the weather lovely. Looks like she wrote Mark was good as well as my uncle Jimmy. My younger 2nd cousin went to Ireland often with her Mom and knew of the Hylands. Said she thought there was a Teddy, but that could have been a Tad or Thad. Knew better the Cannans next door and their little girl Josie. I understand about the marker. My cousin lamented that the grandparents had no headstone, but figured God knew where they were. We found family documents free on a website  There is a free searchable Civil Registration Index -- Geni


    Monday 5th March 2018, 03:09AM
  • Geni,

    It was so dear to read your message; pretty much the first inkling that anyone knew any member of my family, though we've really not been that long gone.

    Mark was the son of James & Margaret Hyland and my gan, Mary was James' sister. I think the 'T' you're thinking of was Ty, Ty Hyland.

    When I have more time I'll continue looking. Thank you for the clues!



    Thursday 8th March 2018, 01:53AM
  • Found 80 plus 3p stamps, but no letters. Two stamps cancellation reads Diptheria Immunize Your Children. Think my parents received letters then passed them around the family. BUT, did find a postcard, see attached. And it turns out my brother, who went to Ireland with Dad in 1972 met them. I have a couple of unidentified photos and will see if he recalls who it may be. Will let you know. Happy to help.

    Monday 12th March 2018, 04:48AM

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    Found a letter from May to my parents in 1954. Mentions Annie May. It was mailed from London. All for now. 


    Monday 2nd April 2018, 02:49AM