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Roach/Roache/Roch and Killgallen Families

Good day!  I have documentation to show my great great grandparents married in Killedan on 2-25-1835; previous records listed Killasser but were wrong.

Their names:  Dominick Roach (from Bohola, I think) and Bridget Mulloy.

No dates for anything else but Tithe appts. Dominick's land went to the Clarke family, I believe.  He was a farmer.

I can confirm my great grandfather James Roach, born in July of 1842, and one of his sisters, Bridget Roach, born in 1844, came to America in 1864. James married Anna M Bradley of Madison, Dane County, Wi.  His sister Bridget married a Patrick C Higgins from Roscommon in Dane County, WI, and died at age 30 in the state of Illinois.   Left in Ireland (Swineford area) was another sister Mary who married Billy Kilgallen.  They had about 6 children, one a boy named Patrick Kilgallen.  There may have been a 4th sibling named Michael who ended up in Castlebar,  Not sure.  He married Honoria Murphy and had three sons. 

Wish I could find out anything more.  Its been a brick wall.  For years. 

My brother and I went to Ireland and just like the VISA commercial, got our photo taken in front of the wrong church.  We met a lot of wonderful people in Mayo!

Jean Roach

J Roach

Friday 16th June 2017, 09:29PM

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  • Jean:

    Welcome to Ireland Reaching Out!

    Very glad you had a great trip to Mayo and Ireland. As you likely know the Killedan baptismal records do not start until 1861 so we can't locate the baptismal records for any of the children of Dominick and Bridget.

    I checked the 1855 Griffiths Valuation head of household listing for Killedan parish and the only Roach was a Thomas in Kiltimagh.

    Do you know if Dominick was deceased by 1855 or possibly he was not leasing land? I assume he had not emigrated since his children left in 1864.

    Have you considered autosomal DNA testing?

    Roger McDonnell


    Friday 16th June 2017, 10:36PM
  • Thanks for the reply, Roger. 


    I do not know when Dominick or Dominic Roach/Roache died.  He is listed in the Griffith's Valuation, but not in Killedan.  He was in Bohola or nearby. 

    I did have the North Mayo center do reasearch when I was there and confirmed James Roach  b. 7-1842, was Dominick' and Bridget's son.  There was also Bridget who emigrated to the USA with James in 1862.  She was born in 1844.  And Mary, born about 1841 who married William Kilgallen and stayed in Ireland.  I found her in Meelick until she was banished from her place by Lord Lucan.  At the time she was a widow with 8 or 7 children. 

    What I'd like to do is find anything out about Michael Roach/Roache/Roche who resided in Castlebar and married Honoria Murphy.  They had three sons that I am aware of.  After that, there's not much.

    A DNA test was done through there were no markers included.  Not sure if it was an autosomal test, but I will check that out.  I have found many 4th and 5th cousins, but not anyone closer than that.  I should be able to find more since the Roach family multiplied fast!

    Thanks again.

    Jean Roach

    Friday 21st July 2017, 05:37PM
  • Jean:

    I located an 1852 marriage record in Killedan and you will note that one witness was Mary Kilgallen. I searched for baptismal records for children of Michael Roach and Honor Murphy and found four sons from 1859-1868. Not sure about the seven year gap. Laurence 1859 Michael 1861 Patrick 1864 Thadeus 1868. From the civil birth records for Patrick and Thadeus, this family lived in Ballymackeogh townland in Balla civil parish. Balla is a few parish to the southeast from Castlebar. 


    Date of Marriage:14-Jan-1852
    Parish / District:Killedan RC parish
    County:Co. Mayo
    Husband  MichaelRoach
    Wife HonorMurphy

    Witness 1
    Witness 2Name:JamesRoache


    Friday 21st July 2017, 10:25PM
  • That is fanstatic.  This shows me Michaeland his descendants have to be part of the family if James Roache (my great grandfather) and Mary Kilgallen were the witnesses.

    You made my day!



    Sunday 23rd July 2017, 07:03PM
  • Related to this post I hope. I have two ancestors I cannot find details about:

    James Roache born about 1805. (No other details)

    Honora Murphy (his wife) born 6th May, 1803 in Kilfane, Kilkenny although not sure about this. She died in Australia in 1871

    They had a daughter, Mary Anne Roache who married Nehemiah Bagnell in Australia in 1855. I have the family information coming forward but not in Ireland.

    Would it be possible to get any information about these people?


    Andy Thomson

    Sunday 11th March 2018, 08:01AM
  • Andy, the info you have does not match anything I have, sorry.


    Jean Roach

    Wednesday 24th October 2018, 05:36PM