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Born: November 15, 1863
County Mayo, Ireland
Naturalized a United States Citizen on October 25, 1887
Died: Saturday, November 20, 1915
On Daughter's Farm Between Geddes & Lake Andes, South Dakota
Buried: November 25, 1915
Calvary Cemetery, St. Louis, Missouri

My Great-Great-Grandparent John Loftus, born Ireland, date unknown, whose wife's first and maiden names are presently not known, had at least two children in Ireland. The exact number of children born is unknown. The names of the two known children were Patrick Loftus and Delia(Adelia or Bridget?) Loftus.

Patrick and Delia had an uncle Michael Loftus who was married in Ireland to Mary Hyland and had a first cousin, whose name was Ann Loftus. Ann Loftus' first marriage was to a Siebert, and her second marriage was to a Finnegan. Anna Loftus Siebert Finnegan.

Ann Loftus Finnegan, had a sister, who was also a first cousin of Patrick and Delia Loftus and she is identified as Catherine Kate Loftus. Catherine Kate Loftus married a John Connors, and they had three children identified John Connors, Joseph Connors and Margaret. Margaret Connors would later marry a Conrath.

I have no birth or death information on Delia Loftus. PATRICK LOFTUS, my Great-Grandfather was BORN in Parish Kilmaine (Kilmainmore), Neale Post Office, Village of Blessingtown, County Mayo Ireland.

Blessingtown appeared to be a small village or hamlet of approximately 30 structures. It was located on the north edge of Turloughaclava and is very close to the town or city of Ballinrobe, just to the southeast. The area is identified as being the Plains of Ellestrin.

During the years 1879-82, when Patrick Loftus was approximately seventeen (17) years of age, my Great-Great-Grandfather John Loftus brought the family to America. They arrived in New York City, as the story was told and when he looked at New York, it appeared to him that America was a dirty country and so he packed up the family and returned to Ireland, with the exception of his son Patrick and daughter Delia who stayed in New York with their cousins names unknown. Patrick would then travel with an unknown cousin to St. Louis, Missouri where they lived with relatives. Delia would marry a Collins and have at least two children Harry & Jeanette.


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  • Hi Michael

    The baptism cert of Patrick shows the parents

    http://Patrick Loftus Date of Birth: Date of Baptism: 22-Jan-1864 Address: Caher Parish/District: Kilmaine RC parish Gender: Male County Co. Mayo Denomination: Roman Catholic Father: John Loftus Mother: Mary Conroy Occupation: Sponsor 1 / Informant 1: Thomas Connor Sponsor 2 / Informant 2: Margaret Connor

    I couldn't find the marraige record.

    Other children of these parents all baptised Kilmaine R C:

    Mary 1855 Maria 1858 Honor 1861 Margaret 1863

    Family address Caher

    I couldn't find Delia.


    ColCaff, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Tuesday 27th January 2015, 11:18PM
  • Thank You for your reply.  Sorry I did not get back to you sooner.



    ID: I004

    ·  Name: Delia M. LOFTUS

    ·  Sex: F

    ·  ALIA: Bridget or Adelia Loftus or /Dilla/

    ·  Birth: 25 DEC 1863 in Ireland

    ·  Death: 27 MAY 1928 in St. Louis, Missouri of Chronic bronchiatis

    ·  Emigration: BET. 1880 - 1882 Blessingtown, County Mayo, Ireland

    ·  Burial: 29 MAY 1928 Calvary Cemetery, St. Louis, Missouri - Section 5, Lot P, Grave 108

    ·  Event: Death Certificate 28 MAY 1928 # 5778

    ·  Event: Funeral Mass 29 MAY 1928 St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Church, St. Louis, MO

    ·  Residence: 17 FEB 1888 1403 N. 7th Street (Marriage License)

    ·  Residence: 1920 2121 Gasconade, St. Louis, MO, (Census)

    ·  ADDR: 4224 California
    3511 S. 2nd Street (At Death)
    St. Louis

    ·  Note:

    My Great-Great-Grandparent John Loftus, born Ireland, date unknown, whose wife's first and maiden names are presently not known, had at least two children in Ireland. The exact number of children born is unknown. The names of the two known children were Patrick Loftus and Delia Loftus and I will background each one's history separately.

    I have no birth place information on Delia Loftus. However, it was told that her brother PATRICK LOFTUS, my Great-Grandfather was BORN in Parish Kilmaine (Kilmainmore), Neale Post Office, Village of Blessingtown, County Mayo Ireland.

    A discovery credited to Kevin Borg was the existances of Delia Loftus Collins living and eventually being buried in St. Louis. This had always been a mystery to my family as to her exact where abouts after arriving in the United States. It was believed that she may have lived in St. Louis or possibly New York State. Be advised that apparently Delia's first name has been misspelled several times when written into different records. This misspellings will remain in my narrative explanations of the Loftus family.

    Delia M. Loftus (*) later married a man named Thomas C. Collins, on February 17, 1888, as reflected in the St. Louis City, Missouri, marriage records, page 541, volume 34, marriage license # 26514. It should be noted that at the time that Delia Loftus married Thomas C. Collins, in 1888 she gave as her place of residence on the marriage license the address of her uncle and aunt Michael Loftus and Mary Hyland Loftus's address, 1403 N. 7th Street, St. louis, Missouri. In a letter to my Grandmother Catherine Grace Loftus Doerrer from Anna Loftus Gavin, she stated Thomas C. Collins worked for the railroad as an engineer. However, the below documented census for 1900 reflects Thomas C. Collins was a conductor for the St. Louis Railroad system.

    Delia Loftus Collins would give birth to four (4) sons, Harry Collins, date of birth and death unknown, Henry E. Collins, date of birth May 1988, date of death unknown, Thomas J. Collins, born October 1889, date of death unknown and Edward V. Collins, date of birth February 1893, date of death of unknown. Delia would also give birth to one daughter, Jeanette, born about October 1895. Leonard Gavin has advised that while he was in the service he was stationed in New York and met with Harry Collins, his second cousin. Harry Collins had moved to New York, married a Lillian, who sold tickets apparently for the railroad and they lived on 128th Street, New York City, New York very near Columbus College. Leonard Gavin believes that Harry Collins may have worked for the New York Central Railroad. Harry Collins at that time told Leonard that he knew where all the Loftuses were buried and that one Loftus girl was buried way out west. Both are now deceased and no children were born as a result of this marriage. I have not been able to find Delia's son Harry in either the 1900 or 1920 census, in St. Louis, Missouri.

    On December 9, 1999, Frances Gavin Hopkins and Leonard Gavin her brother supplied to me a copy of a small photograph of which the original is possessed by Frances. The photograph depicts a white, male, in his thirties, wearing a dress hat and a pin striped suit and tie. On the back of the original photograph is inscribed Harry Collins, 1938, son of Delia Loftus Collins.

    Delia Loftus married a Thomas C. Collins, on February 17, 1888 in St. Louis, Missouri. They had following named children, Harry, Edward V., Henry, and Jeanette. That Delia Loftus Collins, died on May 27, 1928, and was buried in Calvary Cemetery, St. Louis, Missouri, Section 5, Lot P, Grave # 108. The following Certificate of Death was recorded in Delia's death:

    Delia Collins, date of birth December 25, 1863, Place of Birth Ireland, age at time of death 64 years, 5 months and 2 days. Missouri Board of Health Death Certificate # 5778, date of death May 27, 1928, filed May 28, 1928, Informant Mrs. Schilling. Residence at time of death, 3511 S. 2nd. Street, St. Louis, Missouri. Burial in Calvary Cemetery, St. Louis, MO.

    Based on this information I conducted further research into the 1900 and 1910 Missouri, U.S. Census and discovered the following record on file for the 1900 St. Louis City Census:

    Vol: 91 ED: 148 Sheet: 4 Line: 76 Dated: June 4, 1900

    Name: Collins, Thomas C.

    Sex: Male
    Age: 40
    Month & Year of Birth: January 1859
    Place of Birth: Ohio
    Place of Father's Birth: Ohio
    Place of Mother's Birth: Ohio

    Relationship: Head of House Hold
    Married: 14 Years

    Occupation: Conductor, St. Louis Railroad
    Months Not Employed: 2

    Could Read, Write & Speak English.

    Residing: Rented - House

    Address: 4224 California

    Name: Collins, Dilla M.

    Sex: Female
    Age: 36
    Month & Year of Birth: December 1863
    Place of Birth: Ireland
    Place of Father's Birth: Ireland
    Place of Mother's Birth: Ireland

    Year of Immigration: 1881
    Number of Years in the United States: 19

    Relationship: Wife
    Married: 14 Years
    Children Giving Birth to: 4
    Children Living: 4
    Could Read, Write & Speak English.

    Name: Collins, Henry E.

    Sex: Male
    Age: 12
    Month & Year of Birth: May 1888
    Pace of Birth: Missouri

    Relationship: Son

    Occupation: At School

    Name: Collins, Thomas J.

    Sex: Male
    Age: 10
    Month & Year of Birth: October 1889
    Place of Birth: Missouri

    Relationship: Son

    Occupation: At School

    Name: Collins, Edward V.

    Sex: Male
    Age: 7
    Month & Year of Birth: February 1893
    Place of Birth: Missouri

    Relationship: Son

    Occupation: (Blank)

    Name: Collins, Jennitta

    Sex: Female
    Age: 4
    Month & Year of Birth: October 1895
    Place of Birth: Missouri

    Relationship: Daughter

    Occupation: (Blank)

    I was able to locate Delia Loftus Collins, again in the 1920 Census as follows:

    Volume: 105 ED: 216 Sheet: 7 Dated: 1920

    Name: Collins, Thomas J.

    Sex: Male
    Age: 65
    Place of Birth: Missouri (?)
    Place of Father's Birth: Unreadable
    Place of Mother's Birth: Unreadable

    Relationship: Head of Household

    Occupation: Unreadable

    Address: 2121 Gasconade
    St. Louis, Missouri

    Name: Collins, Delia

    Sex: Female
    Age: 60
    Place of Birth: Ireland
    Father's Place of Birth: Ireland
    Mother's Place of Birth: Ireland

    Immigrated: 1881
    Naturalized: 1888

    Relationship: wife

    Name: Collins, Edward

    Sex: Male
    Age: 25

    Place of Birth: Missouri
    Father's Place of Birth: Unreadable
    Mother's Place of Birth: Unreadable

    Relationship: Son

    Be aware that the name of Delia is also a nickname for Bridget in Ireland, and a nickname for Adelia. Delia's actual name could be Bridget Loftus Collins, or Adelia Loftus Collins and this should be taken into consideration when conducting searches. Leonard Gavin has advised me that he believes his mother Anna Loftus Gavin, made reference to the fact that Delia was short for Bridget.





    Friday 27th May 2016, 03:28PM
  • I couldn't find one with matchingm birthdate but this one is close:

    Name:Beddilla LoftusDate of Birth:

    Date of Baptism:01-Mar-1863Address:CrossmolinaParish/District:CROSSMOLINAGender:FemaleCountyMAYO

    Denomination:Roman Catholic
    Father:John LoftusMother:Margaret LoftusOccupation:

    Sponsor 1 /
    Informant 1:John LoftusSponsor 2 /
    Informant 2:Bgt Loftus

    There are also a couple of Bridgets in 1863

    Here's one for Collins:

    Name:Bedilia CollinsDate of Birth:13-Jul-1866

    Registration Date:1-Jan-0Address:CloonuaneParish/District:Balla districtGender:FemaleCountyCo. Mayo

    Denomination:Civil Parish
    Father:Michael CollinsMother:Alice Mooney


    ColCaff, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Friday 27th May 2016, 09:33PM
  • Michael,

    I'm not sure if or how we might be related, but there seem to be a lot of similarities. My Great Grandfather Michael Hyland came from County Mayo, Ireland near Ballinrobe and the Parish of Kilmaine (Kilmainmore). He came to New York and eventually traveled to St. Louis where he married Margaret Loo before finally settling down in a very small Irish community, Tipton, Illinois, about 20-25 minutes outside St. Louis, Missouri. I grew up about 3-4 miles from Tipton in a small town called Red Bud, Illinois.

    St. Patrick's Catholic Cemetery, Tipton, Illinois

    Below I have attached the obituary for my Great Grandfather Michael Hyland who died in 1911. I know he had a sister Bridget (Hyland) O'Malley, a sister Margaret Hyland that never married, a brother that stayed in Ireland and possibly another sister Mary Hyland.

    I also attached a copy of Michael Hyland's daughter, Ann Hyland's, baptismal certificate that I received in 1988 from St. Malachy's Catholic Church in St. Louis. It list Ann Hyland's baptismal sponsors as James Loftus and Margaret Gamero. I can't confirm if we are related to the Loftus family, but there seem to be a lot of connections. Also, Michael Hyland's oldest son, Thomas Hyland, who married Cecelia Hogan, was a conductor for the street cars in St. Louis.

    I hope this might be helpful and I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you.


    Robert Millmann


    Thursday 29th April 2021, 07:34AM

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