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I have found that I have family from all over Ireland, especially County Mayo, in particular Kilmore, as well as County Monaghan, and more.  My sister and I are planning to visit Ireland in October and want to see some of the places and landscapes our ancestors saw. Does anyone know about any of the people below?  Thanks for your willingness to be in touch.


County Mayo:
William Heffron, b 1808, Kilmore
Bridget O'Hare, b 1814, Kilmore
Son of William and Bridget: Patrick Heffron, b 1843, Bellmullet, County Mayo

Anthony Dean, 29 Oct 1830, County Mayo
his daughter Mary Alice Dean, b 01 Jan 1853, County Mayo
Anthony's wife Catherine Lavelle, probably born around 1830

County Cork:
John Cashman, b 1805, County Cork
Mary Catherine McCarty, b 16 Apr 1816, County Cork
Thier daughter Elizabeth, b 25 Oct 1837

County Monaghan:
Catherine Martin, b 1787, County Monaghan, married to Michael Martin
Their son Anthony Martin, b 1805, County Monaghan (my maiden name was Martin)

County Limerick:
Martin Downey, b before 1827, Limerick
He was married to Margaret and they had a son Patrick born in about 1847


Sunday 16th June 2019, 08:46PM

Message Board Replies

  • Dear Cheryl:

    Thank you for your post to the message board.  I'm forwarding the post to one of our Cork volunteers who may be able to assist with that query.


    We have a Mayo volunteer who is also a Heffron and I'm forwarding the query to him for his reference.  He may be able to assist you with your Heffron and Lavelle queries.  

    As to Monaghan, the records in many cases do not go back earlier than 1800, and a number of them are not  online,so it may be a challenge.  The surname Martin is very common in Monaghan,so you will need to have some more specific information such as a maiden name for Catherine or other family members for us to assist.  

    As to your queries for County Limerick, do you have any other information about Margaret Downey such as her maiden name?  Any other information that you have would be a great help.  You can post it on this thread and we will try to assist you further.

    Kind regards,



    Jane Halloran Ryan

    Monday 17th June 2019, 12:09PM
  • Hi Cheryl,

    I am a volunteer with the Ireland XO project, based in Mayo - and also a Heffron.

    Heffron is a particular Mayo surname, especially the North of the county and different to other Heffrons with variant spellings in the rest of Ireland.

    Where have you sourced this info? (as then I may be able to point you in the right direction for further research > 

    William Heffron, b 1808, Kilmore
    Bridget O'Hare, b 1814, Kilmore
    Son of William and Bridget: Patrick Heffron, b 1843, Bellmullet, County Mayo

    Good to meet a fellow kindred Heffron!


    Liam Alex Heffron

    Moygownagh Mayo

    Monday 17th June 2019, 01:10PM
  • Thanks for the responses! I'm on at the moment. I may be able visit a couple of local places to view records when I'm there in October.


    Tuesday 18th June 2019, 04:48AM
  • I have Lavelle in my family tree. Her name is Ellen and she married Michael Ruddy. I'm guessing she was born around 1800 and she to is from Co. Mayo. I believe Derrycorrib. I would love to see if they can help you with info on Catherine Lavelle. 


    Tuesday 18th June 2019, 08:38PM
  • Thanks for the info. I'm trying to track down more info about Catherine. The Derrycorrib clue might help.


    Thursday 20th June 2019, 07:22AM



    Phil Mc Intyre

    Thursday 27th June 2019, 06:53PM
  • Hi Cheryl, 

    I also have Heffron/Heffern ancestors.  My family DNA is specific to Northwest Mayo, likely the Bellmullet area. My Great Great Great Grandparents were Thomas/or Richard Padden(estimated DOB 1810) , and Catherine/or Mary Heffern/Heffron (estimated DOB 1809-1814).   Two of their children, Richard Padden (B 1829) and Catherine Padden (B 1832) emigrated to the US about 1849.  Catherine married Thomas Byrne in Kentucky in 1850.  I know that Catherine and her brother lived in Wisconsin, then Iowa, and are buried in Pocahontas, Iowa.  I descend from Catherine Padden Byrne.

    Many Irish from County Mayo settled in Monroe and Rock counties of Wisconsin, and also St. Croix County.  There were a number of Heffrons living in the Emerald/Erin Prairie/Cylon area of Wisconsin.   Unfortunately,  I have found few specific Irish records that document or link my family.                                                                                                                                                                      

    Where did your Heffron family end up?  If they ended up in the midwest, I may have some information for you. 

    Cathy Kohler















    Sunday 8th September 2019, 04:55PM
  • Hi Cathy,

    My family ended up in New Richmond, St. Croix.

    William Heffron (1808-1868) married
    Bridget O'Haire (1814-1894)
    Son: Patrick

    Patrick Heffron (1843-1912 born Bellmullet) married
    Mary Alice Dean (1853-1916 born County Mayo)
    Daughter: Catherine

    Catherine A. Heffron (1870-1953) married
    James Thomas Martin (1862-1916)
    Son: Frederic Henry Martin (this was my dad's dad.)

    Do any of these people show up in your family tree?


    Sunday 15th September 2019, 09:39AM