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My grandfather was Michael Shiels (his birth certificate says it is Sheal) and his mother was Anne Gorman.  He was born in Knockgrania in 1873 and the great Irish fiddler Michael Coleman was also born in Knockgrania and his mother was Beesy Gorman.  Both of these Gorman women were related to blacksmiths which seems to have been their trade in that particular area. There is a lot of coincidences that I am trying to tie together.

Would be great if there are still family members of the Gorman family that knows the family history. My grandfather left Ireland as a teenager and went to Glasgow in Scotland as did his cousin John Gorman (1870) son of Malachiy Gorman, blacksmith, and Catherine Curley.

I can give you a lot of family info on Michael Shiels and his family (7 of 15 survived to adulthood) and those 7 produced another 24 between them. All of this history I can supply.

I will gladly help in any way I can to further your aims


Maureen (nee Mooney)




Saturday 27th September 2014, 10:45PM

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  • Dear Maureen

    Welcome to Ireland Reaching Out and apologies for the delay in getting back to you.

    Thank you very much for your kind offer. We are actually in the process of upgrading the website and message board and hope to have a place for ancestors stories. I am very grateful that you would make your records available and hope that someone researching the family name will be in touch with you.

    I see in the 1901 Census that there were still quite a few Gorman entries:

    Best wishes
    Clare Doyle
    Genealogy Support

    Clare Doyle

    Tuesday 30th September 2014, 03:25PM