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Search for Michael Burke (b.1801) & Ann O'Doherty (b.1804)

 Hi, I’m searching for my great great grandfather Michael Burke (b.1801) and his wife Ann O’Dougherty (b. 1804). They had a son Richard Burke, born in Ireland in 1831, just a year before I believe they emigrated to Canada in 1832. They established themselves in Templeton ,Quebec,where their daughter Catherine married my great grandfather Richard Kelly in 1869. The inscription on Michael Burke’s headstone reads “Native of Co. Mayo Ireland” I don’t know what parish they were from.


Friday 28th December 2012, 02:56AM

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  • Hi Terry.It seems that we share some of the same ancestery. I have a genealogy of the Burke,s after they arrived in Canada done by one of our cousins. I have the same issue of not making the connection to Ireland. There is also a Richard Bourke born  1799 in Mayo,either a brother or a 1st cousin to Michael. His grandson maaried your great great aunt Ellen Kelly. Richard that you have born in 1831 Ihave as 1829 born in mayo. He married Margret Jeffs of Jeffs lake which is now Meech lake.The family lore is that we come from east of Ashford castle so I will register with the Cong Co. Mayo parish under Bourke. We also have three spellings of Doherty which is not uncommon  There are two different ladies working on Burke,s in the Gatineas so I will Contact them to see if have crossed paths with our tribe. I am in Lapeche north of Wakefieild.  Kevin Michael Burke.


    Saturday 26th January 2013, 10:24PM
  •   Hi Kevin, I wonder how we're related? I've gotten most of my information so far from, but it can only go so far. There seem to be so many web sites, to choose from. I have Ellen Kelly my great great aunt married (1868) to Michael Burke's son Ulich or Ulrich. Apparently Ulich married again after Ellen died (1874) to Honora McCabe in (1876). I hope you get some feed back from Cong parish. I'm learning place names I never knew existed. It will be interesting to see if we can find any links to the old country. I'm just south of Manotick. Keep in touch. Terry Kelly


    Friday 1st February 2013, 08:13PM
  • Hi Terry and Kevin,

    I just had to jump in to share my Foxford, Mayo g-grandparents Charles Dogherty and Mary Kelly who married c. 1860 and had 6 children, 4 of whom have civil birth registrations.  I cannot find a marriage record for the parents so I don't know who might have been their parents.  Based on where they lived (Belgarriff near Foxford) and the Griffiths Valuations, I surmise that Charles' father might have been John, Martin or Owen Dogherty and Mary's father might have been Thomas, Michael or Patrick Kelly.  Do those names ring any bells?

    My ancestors emigrated to Philadelphia c. 1883.


    Maryland USA


    Wednesday 26th June 2013, 07:09PM
  • Terry..I"m hoping you will come across this or be notified of this reponse. I'm in the exact same boat as you are/were where I've gotten to Michael Burke and Ann O'Deherty in my lineage but can't find anything further. I'm wondering if you ever found any additional information. Would love to hear from you. I'm just down the road from you between North Gower and Kemptville. Please feel free to email me at


    Saturday 24th March 2018, 01:08AM