Monday, 6 September, 2021
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1951 was the last time Mayo won the All-Ireland Final and this Saturday, they face Tyrone in the hope of becoming 2021 All-Ireland Champions. But it isn't their first shot at victory...  they have been in 10 semi-finals in 11 years and 7 finals since 2006!

1951 All Ireland Football Champions County Mayo

Folklore in Mayo says that maybe the reason they have not been able to get over the line since 1951 is because of ‘the curse’. Local legend tells us that a priest in Foxford became angry when the Mayo team, returning from the final, passed by a funeral without showing due respect as they celebrated their All-Ireland win.  Others say it was the widow that cursed the team.  The curse supposedly said that Mayo would not win another title until all of the team had died! For the 2021 final there is one player from that team still alive.

Mayo's Curse makes it to Channel 4's Countdown Dictionary Corner in 2016

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Have a look at the story as told by one of the players, who was there on the day.

County in Focus: Mayo

County in Focus: Mayo

As part of our Counties in Focus series, we take a look at some of the gems that Mayo has to offer. Read some of the Chronicles which we have collected from the Yew County, as well as links to where you can learn more about your Mayo Ancestry.

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Finding your Mayo ancestors

Finding your Mayo Ancestors

Need some guidance with your Mayo Ancestry? In 2020, The Mayo Genealogy Group produced a series of videos that provide valuable help to those researching their Mayo roots.

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Your Mayo Parish just before the Famine

Your Mayo Parish before the Famine

Did you know that every town and parish in Ireland was described as it was in 1837? Whether your ancestors emigrated or lived in the same place for generations, nothing beats a look back to what life was like there just before the Great Famine. County Mayo was one of the counties to suffer the most within a few short years of this publication. 

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Not from Mayo? Find your Irish County on IrelandXO.

Find your Irish County on IrelandXO

Every county in Ireland will have a footballing story.  This weekend belongs to Mayo and Tyrone so why don’t you visit our IrelandXO Community now and choose your county to join from the drop-down menu. You never know, there may be some footballing heroes in your family waiting for you to find out about them.

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