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Hello!  I am hoping someone might be able to help me get a bit further in my ancestor research.  My great, great grandfather Patrick Maloy was born in 1814....his gravestone is engraved 'Native of County Galway, Ireland', and his name is spelled Maloy.  He married Catherine Monahan in July (17 ??) of 1845 and their marriage is registered in the Parish of Schrule, County Mayo.  They were Catholic.  In the register his name is spelled Mulloy.  I don't have my genealogy information handy right now but as I recall she was born in the early 1820's.  Her father was Bernard/Bryan Monahan, born 1795....her mother was Anora (sp ?).  I believe Patrick and Catherine had a son Michael born 1846...not 100% certain of this.  Also, Patrick had either a brother or son named Roger that came over at some point but went back to Ireland, according to my grandmother...she also wrote down on a note about the Molloys 'Annabough'...I don't know if that is a town in that area...and not sure if that is a phonetic spelling.

My great grandfather Bernard Maloy (He spelled it eventually Molloy) and son of Patrick and Catherine was born in New Orleans a few weeks after his parents arrived in New Orleans supposedly in 1850 but could've been 1849.  A census when he was a child indicates birth as 1849 but informaton from the Catholic Dioceses of N.O. indicates baptism in 1850 and many other census, etc... indicate 1850 birth.  I believe he died when he was 77 so 1849 could be correct.  Bernard had brothers and sisters...a few of the brothers were William, Martin, and Jerome and maybe the Micheal I mentioned in first paragraph.  Catherine had a brother named Martin. 

Well, I meant to keep this short but trying to add any details that might be helpful in finding additional information about these families.  Any hints or suggestions will be appreciated! 

Thanks! Helen


Tuesday 23rd February 2016, 07:10PM

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  • Dear Helen

    Welcome to Ireland Reaching out and apologies for the delay in getting back to you.

    As you say Patrick and Catherine married in Shrule on 17-Jul-1845. Patrick's home address (townland) was recorded as Glassbally. I could not find any baptism records for children born to Patrick and Catherine in Mayo or anywhere else in Ireland.I also searched for the marriage of a Bryan or a Bernard to a wife first name Honor/Honora without success. If you know his date of death you could see if there is any further information on a death record or obituary. I couldn't locate a Patrick Mulloy on the Tithes either and the family were likely gone from the parish by the time of the Griffith's Valuation in the late 1850s.

    Clare Doyle

    Genealogy Support 

    Clare Doyle

    Thursday 24th March 2016, 04:16PM
  •    Helen,

    My great great grandfather was John Molloy, born 1815 in County Galway (probably Headford) Migrated to New Orleans in 1837. The 1821 Ireish census shows a mother Mary and two children Hubert (Herbert) and John. If you run across any info please forward.




    Wednesday 29th June 2016, 07:29PM
  • Good morning (afternoon), Clare.  I apologize for not responding sooner, I just am reading your reply for the first time.  Thank you so much for the research you did for me.  I really appreciate it.  I don't have my genealogical information with me right now but don't recall seeing Patrick's townland on the marriage that where you found that information?   Maybe it wasn't visible on to me on the computer screen??  If not, where were you able to find out that my Patrick had Glasbally listed as his townland?  I guess townland is the U.S. version of a small town?  I guess I should read up on the different divisions and regions again.  I am trying to get back to my research and hope to find more information here.  There is not a death certificate for Patrick Mulloy/Maloy as that county didn't start those until about 6 months after he died.  If one is lucky to find an archived paper from that area and time then there is not always more than a little blurb.  I will continue to research.  Thank you again for your help!!!  I hope to get over there one of these days.  Helen



    Thursday 30th June 2016, 03:22PM
  • Good morning, Richard.  I will be sure to forward any information I find regarding our posts.  That is interesting.  Where did your Molloys eventually settle down?  Thanks, Helen


    Thursday 30th June 2016, 03:24PM
  • Helen, My John Molloy lived and died in New Orleans, LA, USA. He married Mary Hallaran abt 1846. I haven't been abt to find John in any census or place of burial. Passenger list says he was a teacher. I have found John Molloy, Attorney, in City Directories. Don't know if that is my ancestor.



    Friday 11th November 2016, 06:55PM
  • Hi again

    Yes my apologies I got that townland name from the marriage record. You can see the original digitised copy at this website link below - just add in the marriage month and year and scroll to find it.

    The townland is one of the smallest administrative divisions in Ireland of which there are about 64,000. Some can be quite large but they are usually only a few acres. Townlands can be considered the most specific address for people up to the present day.

    Best wishes


    Genealogy Support 

    Clare Doyle

    Monday 21st November 2016, 11:38AM
  • Hello Helen, I too am researching Maloy's from County Galway. My great grandfather was William Maloy born in County Galway about 1810, according to the baptismal record of one of his children. Clues have led me to Rahoon Parrish, but I have nothing concrete. My William probably immigrated sometime in the early 1850s, and settled in Pennsylvania. He was married to a woman named Ann Delaney, though I don't know whether that marriage took place in Ireland or in the United States. Please keep me in mind as you further your research, and I will do the same. Regards, Julie D


    Monday 14th January 2019, 08:26PM