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We in Australia are researching our Obrien Family from Summerhill County Meath(from the Shipping list).
They left Ireland aboard the Fergusson in 1840 arriving Australia 1841.
The family members were Parents. Garret 38, Catherine 36? Sons.Thomas21 ,Garret,18,Patrick 13,Micheal 10,
Sylvester7,Daughters Ann16, Mary 5.
There are many descendants from this Obrien
family here in Australia.
Love to hear from our Meath cousins.
Mary King

All Australia

Wednesday 23rd March 2016, 05:45AM

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  • Hi Mary

    Unfortunately very few Irish people access the site to find relatives from o/s who may be related.

    However the irish phone book has 1 O'Brien in Summerhill to whom you could write.

    I am not permitted to give you his details on the site; if you google 11850 directory enquiries and select people search the enter O'brien and Summerhill you'll find him

    There are also another 60 O'Briens in Meath.


    ColCaff, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Wednesday 23rd March 2016, 09:46AM
  • Hi Mary,

    I'm a direct descendant of Silvester and have further information from researching over the past few years. 
    I also live in Australia! 

    I can send you the link to view my tree if you would like. 

    Brittany x




    Tuesday 16th March 2021, 08:52AM
  • Hello Britan.

    Thank you for your reply  I would loveyou to send me your link to your Ancestry .com .family tree. Perhaps you could send me a message to my Ancestry  Account    my users name is   maryking 312.

    Regards Mary King.

    All Australia

    Saturday 20th March 2021, 01:47AM
  • Hello Mary, 
    I have invited you on ancestry to view the tree. If it didn't work, I can message you instead. Hope it helps with your research! 









    Saturday 20th March 2021, 11:19AM
  • Hi Brittany. I hope you recieved my last message telling you how I fit into the O'Brien family tree,I never thought that the O'Brien family tree was so big.

    I have never made contact with other family members on this site before the reason for  asking if you had recieved my last message.

    Regards Mary King

    All Australia

    Tuesday 23rd March 2021, 12:45AM
  • Hi Mary, 

    Yes I did receive your message. It's such a big tree isn't it! Me either! I found your post on this website after researching for further information about Garrett. 
     I have emailed the email address you gave, and sent over some information I have found. I just actually found Garrett's death certificate so I'll send that over right now! 





    Tuesday 23rd March 2021, 11:52AM