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My grandfather was Patrick Lyna, born in 1853 in Kells and married to Catherine Tayhan in New York City, USA. His father was Bernard Lyna that married Marcella Lynch in Kells. Marcellas's father was Philip Lynch. married to a Marcell O'Bryan. Believe she was from Summerhill, Meath. Any information would be appreciated.



Tuesday 25th Jul 2023, 09:57PM

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    Here is the marriage record for Marcella and Bernard, here called Bryan.


    Marriage:  08-Nov-1850                

    Parish / District: KELLS          Co. Meath

    Husband                           Wife

    Name:        Bryan         Linagh                  Marcella    Lynch                   

    Witness 1            Witness 2

    Mcginnis Thomas        Murrey Rose


    Here’s the transcription of a baptism in Kells for a Bernard Lynagh in 1826. It could very well be your Bernard, but further proof would be needed.


    Bernard Lynagh          

     Baptism:   18-Apr-1826

    Parish/District:   Kells

    Co. Meath

    Father:       Bernard Lynagh 

    Mother:     Margaret Heoy                      

    Sponsor 1 /         Murphy Peter

    Sponsor 2 /         Reilly Ann


    Wednesday 26th Jul 2023, 12:45AM
  • Marriage:  07-Feb-1826                 

    Parish / District: SUMMERHILL, Co. Meath

    Husband              Wife

    Name:        Philip          Lynch         

    Marcella    Bryan


    RootsIreland shows five children for this couple.  One is not named. Born in 1826, perhaps it is Marcella.

    I hope this is helpful.


    Wednesday 26th Jul 2023, 12:51AM
  • Yes, extremely helpful. Thanks. Found some Irish Petty Court records on both.


    Sunday 13th Aug 2023, 08:17PM

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