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McPhillips in Latnamard

2-Nov-21 16:11
Aghabog (Monaghan), Monaghan 6 Thank you so much. I will write to
by Arusha 4-Nov-21 7:28

Carrigan ancestry in Co.Tipperary < 1850

27-Apr-20 12:10
Ireland XO Community, All 3 Thank you, M/M McCoy for the
by Tayt Taylor 29-Apr-20 12:02


14-Feb-20 0:24
Ireland XO Community, Aghabog (Monaghan), Monaghan 2  
by Arusha 3-Apr-20 9:16

Thomas Lee/ Catherine Connell

11-Dec-19 11:07
Ireland XO Community, Monaghan, Aghabog (Monaghan) 4 Dear Catherine:
by Jane Halloran Ryan 16-Dec-19 14:39

Thomas Stewart (1795-1870)

6-Sep-19 13:26
Ireland XO Community, Aghabog (Monaghan), Monaghan 1
by ixouser848345

Griffiths Valuation dates for individual townlands

7-Aug-19 22:26
Ireland XO Community, Aghabog (Monaghan), Monaghan 2 Dona,
by Elwyn, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘ 7-Aug-19 22:41

Thomas Stewart and Ellen Stewart, Cornawall Townland, Lot 1A and 1B

4-Aug-19 13:59
Aghabog (Monaghan), Monaghan 1
by ixouser610447

Stewart and Montgomery

14-Jan-19 18:48
Ireland XO Community, Aghabog (Monaghan), Monaghan 4 Hi there.
by Gwenny61 5-May-19 18:32

Fox and Flanagan

3-Apr-18 22:09
Ireland XO Community, Aghabog (Monaghan), Monaghan 3  
by eric anamcara 16-Apr-18 22:30

McPhillips from Aghabog

3-Dec-16 1:42
Aghabog (Monaghan), Monaghan 11 ShelleyM
by vincent 26-Nov-20 19:09

Ley family from Leysborough, related Lucas family.

17-Sep-16 8:00
Aghabog (Monaghan), Monaghan 18 Ley/Lucas/Terry in Monaghan
by Cloyne Cork 18-Sep-21 11:30

Leysborough near Aghabog.

17-Sep-16 7:33
Aghabog (Monaghan), Monaghan 8  
by Denise Gillespie 24-Oct-19 5:19

John Butler born July 4 1821 emigrated to Canada from Ahgabog Parish County Monaghan circa 1838

5-Apr-16 21:06
Aghabog (Monaghan), Monaghan 4 Paul,
by Elwyn, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘ 7-Apr-16 15:03

James Murphy born abt 1826 - Monaghan - Family ties?

17-Mar-16 15:52
Aghabog (Monaghan), Monaghan 4 You evidently have your ancestors
by Elwyn, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘ 18-Mar-16 22:39


10-Jan-16 1:13
Aghabog (Monaghan), Monaghan 6 Hello Sue,
by jmcquellon 22-Mar-20 11:34